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Published: July 02 2019

New patent from Dundas BI results in improved systems and methods for generating and displaying images of dashboards

Toronto, Canada, July 2, 2019 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading global provider of Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics and Data Visualization solutions for mid to large enterprises, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Dundas a new patent for technology that enables better creation and distribution of images of dashboards: “US Patent 10,250666 B2 - “Systems and Methods for Dashboard Image Generation.”

Dashboards present visualizations of key performance indicator (KPI) metrics or information derived from data stored in business databases. These KPI metrics can be viewed to obtain an overview of how a business is performing. This US patent covers the ability to generate and view a dashboard image and information on a remote computing device that is separate from the server or system that was used for creating the dashboard.

“We are working to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations interact with and leverage their data to make decisions. With this patented technology, we’re able to give users the power to create and engage with image files created from web-based dashboards and visualization content, without actually having to view it online.” Terrence Sheflin, R&D Director (UI/UX) at Dundas Data Visualization. “The extensibility of Dundas BI means users can create images from dashboards and deliver and view them in countless ways; from scheduled e-mail notifications, to exports (PDF or otherwise), and more!”

Dundas has always been a leader in innovative business intelligence, visualizations and data analytics. This patent for dashboard image generation helps further solidify this fact.

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