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Published: November 06 2018

New patent for data collaboration from Dundas BI fosters seamless communication of insights between users on dashboards

Toronto, Canada, November 6, 2018 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading global provider of Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics and Data Visualization solutions for mid-large enterprises, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Dundas a new patent for technology that allows users to add a discussion thread to key performance indicator (KPI) visualizations displayed on a dashboard: “Methods and Systems for Providing a Discussion Thread to Key Performance Indicator Information”.

US Patent 10,078,807 B2 - “Methods and Systems for Providing a Discussion Thread to Key Performance Indicator Information”

This patent covers methods and systems for new dashboard interactivity. Discussion threads and comments can be added to key performance indicators (KPI) that users display on real-time visualizations and dashboards. A user can build a dashboard and has the ability to start a discussion thread on any KPI housed on that dashboard. This includes making and receiving comments such as asking questions about the performance results and getting answers from other users. The comments can also trigger notification to users that are in charge of monitoring those KPIs.

“The proprietary technology outlined in this patent solidifies our leadership position in the areas of innovative visualizations and dashboards.” Mariana Stoica, Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Dundas Data Visualization. “Our users have come to rely on Dundas BI as the platform of choice for smart dashboard interactions. Giving users the ability to add a discussion thread to any KPI on a dashboard, allows people to have meaningful discussions that are directly connected to the data rather than relay on side discussions or offline email exchanges that are not contextualized and tend to get lost over time. Since users’ notes will appear on every visualization created with the same data, our users never miss critical business insight that was already acknowledged and provided by others”

Dashboards present visualizations, such as graphs or charts, of key performance indicators metrics or information derived from data stored in business databases. These visualizations can be viewed on any device by users to obtain an overview of how a business is performing. Discussion threads can be added by any user to KPI information on a dashboard. These discussion threads can track both sent and received comments on the KPI to help further clarify or ask a question regarding the data point. Dundas also provides the ability to include a security module to authenticate and verify the comment against an authentication level of the user viewing the dashboard.

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