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Published: October 10 2019

New Dundas BI Analyst Certification program gives users a way to highlight their proficiency with the Dundas BI platform

Toronto, Canada, October 10, 2019 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading global provider of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Visualization solutions, announced today the launch of a new Dundas BI Analyst Certification program. This certification program was established to provide users who successfully complete Dundas BI’s core product training and certification exam, with a designation as technical experts in Dundas BI.

“More and more users continue to adopt Dundas BI as their Business Intelligence tool of choice. As such, certification has become a natural and necessary extension of our technical e-Learning product training,” said Mariana Stoica, Chief Operations Officer at Dundas Data Visualization. “Since publicly launching our e-Learning platform, we’ve been showered with a steady stream of requests from our users for a certification program that would help them highlight and demonstrate their proficiency with Dundas BI and distinguish themselves as masters of the product.”

“It’s our belief that for data to be effective, it must be leveraged by as many people as possible, which is why we’ve opted to make this certification, along with countless other learning resources, available to anyone, free of charge,” said Mark Barciak, Technical Trainer at Dundas Data Visualization

The Dundas BI Analyst Certification program lives seamlessly within Dundas’ e-Learning portal and was designed as a natural next step for their users to continue to develop and sharpen their technical skills. This certification is designed to assess the user’s ability to analyze data in Dundas BI to build effective dashboards and reports for greater analysis. The certification program, along with e-Learning, is free of charge for a limited time and is available through Dundas’ Support Site.

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