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Published: November 10 2014

Dundas BI is now available with self-service experience on one open and flexible enterprise-ready platform, streamlining BI analytics for faster insights.

Toronto, Canada, November 10, 2014 – Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading, global provider of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization solutions, today introduced Dundas BI, a new and innovative, end-to-end fully customizable business intelligence solution. With tailored self-service, single experience and powerful visualizations, enterprise users now have real-time data analytics and results from any data source, on any device, all delivered on one flexible, open platform.

Dundas has a strong history of innovation and a proven track record, specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Visualization for over 20 years. Dundas has followed their innovative product path from components, to Dashboards and now with the introduction of Dundas BI, a flexible, end-to-end business intelligence and data visualization solution.

"We're excited to announce Dundas BI, a fully customizable Business Intelligence platform that will allow organizations to enhance their efficiencies", said Troy Marchand, CEO and President, Dundas Data Visualization. "Dundas BI now provides our customers with an enterprise-ready, full BI platform with enhanced analytics and powerful dashboards and reporting enabling quick real-time decision making."

There is a growing business need to simplify and streamline the access to data coming from multiple data sources and systems and truly empower all end-users to make data driven decisions, faster. Having a Business Intelligence solution that is flexible enough to consolidate data from multiple sources, and then prepare that data and simplify data discovery for all users, can significantly increase business performance management.

"With a continued focus on the customer experience, the Dundas R&D team continues to innovate, developing industry leading, smart BI design experiences and a single uniform experience independent of data sources and devices", said Mariana Stoica-Constantin, Vice President, R&D, Dundas Data Visualization. "The Dundas R&D team continues to focus on flexible and creative solutions, empowering users with self-service tools including on-the-fly data analytics and data cube creation, and delivering faster performance for better decision making."

Dundas BI helps organizations to improve efficiencies and gain deeper insights with faster performance to real-time data analytics and results from multiple data sources, on any device. Users have easy data discovery and powerful visualizations, dashboards and reports all delivered by a self-service, single experience, on one flexible, open platform.

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Dundas Data Visualization is a leading, global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization solutions. Dundas provides organizations with the most flexible, innovative and scalable BI, dashboard and reporting software, through a fully embeddable BI platform, enabling users access to all their data for better decisions and faster insights.

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