Dundas BI is Number 1 in Flexibility and a Leader in 40 Categories in BARCs The BI Survey 18 - News and Press

Published: October 18 2018

Dundas BI is ranked #1 in Flexibility in the data discovery-focused peer group and is a leader across 40 categories in the world’s largest survey of BI software users

Toronto, Canada, October 18, 2018- Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading, global provider of Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions, announced today their rankings in the 2018 Business Application Research Center (BARC) The BI Survey 18. BARC’s The BI Survey 18 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence (BI) software users.

Dundas BI is ranked #1 in Flexibility (data discovery-focused products peer group) and has also been recognized as a leader in several categories within its peer groups including Embedded BI, Customer Satisfaction and Vendor Support.

"Dundas BI has long established itself in the industry as the most flexible and customizable BI and analytics software, so to achieve the #1 ranking in flexibility in BARC’s The BI Survey 18 is incredibly validating. This flexibility is what allows our customers to build optimal solutions that integrate and work exactly as their business operates and gain more value out of their data” said Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization. “We love this survey because it’s completed by actual users of the software, which is the real proof as to a product’s capabilities. Seeing that 94% of real users would recommend Dundas BI is very rewarding for our team; it’s their product feedback that we value most."

The BI Survey 18 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users, conducted from March to June 2018. Survey findings are from over 3,000 business intelligence (BI) end-user respondents who answered a series of detailed questions about their use of a named product. Altogether, 36 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in detail. The BI Survey 18 examines user feedback on BI product selection and usage across 30 criteria (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation and competitiveness.

According to The BI Survey 18, customers of Dundas Data Visualization also give Dundas consistently high ratings as a leader in Product Satisfaction, Implementer Support, and Recommendation amongst their peers.

Compare Dundas’ results with other top vendors using an interactive report – BI Survey Highlights Analyzer

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