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Published: July 26 2018

Inside Dundas BI - July 2018 Issue  

Inside Dundas BI

July 2018 Issue

In this issue, we have lots of great news and content to share with you. One of our Solutions Architects has written a fantastic article about data storytelling using the animated charts in Dundas BI. We also cover enabling self-service analytics to the least technical users in your organization, and share our latest blog on 3 Software Vendors Who Crushed it with Embedded BI. If you're interested in getting some Dundas BI training for your team, you'll be happy to learn that we recently released our NEW e-Learning Portal (Beta). Take a look and give us your feedback. This FREE e-Learning portal is open to any Dundas BI user. Our 10 Advanced Data Visualizations webinar is also now available for viewing (check out the new format!) and the companion piece to it - our NEW 10 Advanced Data Visualizations eBook is available for download. Enjoy!

Enhance Your Data Storytelling with Animated Charts

When visualizing data, there are times when it’s important to provide an analysis on how your data has evolved over time, along with context of how your data got to that point. This is where data storytelling comes in. As the name suggests, data storytelling is used to tell stories with your data and make your audience understand how and why they got there, and inspire action and/or behavioral changes. Using a Play Axis filter in Dundas BI is a great way to tell a story by animating the data changes to reveal trends and overall patterns, and provide your users with insights at the click of a button.


Enabling Self-Service Analytics to the Least Technical Users

Self-Service analytics promises to make sure all users can access the data they need. And while for some it does prevent the need to stand in line waiting for a busy technical IT team to get back to them, for many others even drag and drop capabilities are not easy enough to allow them to choose what data they want to explore. These users require Self-Service on a Silver Platter. One easy and very intuitive way to enable that, is by allowing data selections via drop down lists. Similar to how they would filter data using a drop-down list, they can simply choose what data to visualize using drop-down lists. We call this dynamic element filters.

NEW - Dundas BI e-Learning 

This month we launched (in Beta) our new online learning portal: Dundas BI e-Learning. This e-Learning portal is available to all Dundas BI users and is the latest tool we’ve created to help you gain more knowledge of the software.  
We’re kicking the e-Learning BETA program off with our free, self-paced Foundation Level Product Training modules. These courses will provide you with a strong base, and solid understanding of Dundas BI.
  • DBI 100: Getting Started
  • DBI 200: Data, Metrics, and Administration
How to Participate in the Dundas BI e-Learning BETA
  1. Visit Dundas’ Support Site
  2. Login to (or Register for) your support account
  3. Access Dundas BI e-Learning via the Learning Resources menu
  4. Complete the Foundation Product Training
  5. Provide feedback (optional) on your experience!

3 Software Vendors who Crushed it with Embedded Analytics

No two Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are the same. Each differs in what it offers, in its size, in the talent it secures, and in its culture. However, what each ISV shares, is an innate desire and drive to create and develop exceptional products and solutions that are superior to their competition, and endeared by their customers.

In our latest blog, we take a closer look at 3 data-savvy companies who’ve embedded Dundas’ modern business intelligence platform – Dundas BI – and transformed their applications with polished, custom analytics. We identify the problem they faced, the solution they implemented and the benefits they gained.

New to Embedded BI? - For more information on what embedded analytics are, what to look for in an embedded analytics solution, and why analytics should be embedded vs. built, you can read our blog, 6 Key Capabilities an Embeddable Analytics Software Should Deliver.

eBook - 10 Advanced Data Visualizations

In this NEW eBook, we walk you through 10 advanced data visualizations that are native to Dundas BI. We’ll show you when to use those visualizations and how they can elevate your ability to effectively communicate data insights beyond standard visualizations. These data visualizations are unique, extremely interactive, and aesthetically stunning. And not only are these visualizations great to look at, but they’re extremely customizable, meaning you get staggering granular control over almost all visual design elements.

See interactive samples featuring these advanced data visualizations.

WEBINAR: 10 Advanced Data Visualizations 
Our accompanying webinar to the eBook is now available for viewing. In this webinar, we walk you through 10 data visualizations that are native to Dundas BI. View it now

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