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Published: June 27 2017

Dundas BI Enhances Indellient’s Visual Designs & Customer Experience

Oakville, ON - June 27, 2017 Indellient - a leader in software development and IT professional services - joins forces with Dundas Data Visualization, an innovator in business intelligence and data analytics solutions, to optimize their customer experience.

By using the vast, built-in features in Dundas BI, Indellient will be able offer a more intuitive data and analytics offering to its clients with customizable and user-friendly dashboards. The business intelligence tool will also enhance support for Blue Relay, Indellient’s proprietary BPM solution built for simplifying internal processes to reduce turnaround times, risk and resource waste.

“We were searching for a responsive self-service data investigation tool that could provide cutting edge data visualizations and rapid drill down capabilities over very large and complex data sets to assist our clients. We needed to support a wide range of user skill sets, from novice to analytics expert,” says Director, Risk and Analytics, Gordon Uszkay. “Dundas BI provided the platform we needed, with both on premise and cloud solutions, and the Dundas team provided outstanding support from initial negotiations through to performance tuning and ongoing support. We are thrilled to be working with Dundas to help our clients achieve their aggressive goals in reporting, dashboards and self-serve data analytics.”

The Dundas BI features the team is most excited to test out:

  • Outstanding data visualizations;
  • High performance, drilldown capabilities and easy to use filtering for self-serve data investigation;
  • Multi-tenancy cloud support; and
  • Built-in API to support embedding of visualizations into other applications (something we expect will become the standard within 3 years).

“Indellient had been searching for a single BI solution that they could easily customize and integrate to provide the best possible user experience for their customers,” says Troy Marchand, CEO and Co-founder, Dundas Data Visualization. “Their customers wanted one solution to manage all of their BI needs and Dundas BI was a natural fit. Our enterprise-ready, Dundas BI platform will significantly enhance their customer’s ability to put their data to full use.”

“The Dundas product is easily on par with (and perhaps has an edge over) the leaders in the field – Tableau, Qlik and IBM – in capabilities and performance. The winning point for Dundas was their willingness to work with our clients to come up with a licensing strategy and pricing that were a significantly better fit for their situation and budget. Being able to align the expenditure with the intended usage results in much better client satisfaction,” notes Uszkay. “We are confident that the Dundas team is focused on making their product the best in the market and keeping their clients satisfied.”

With Dundas BI being added onto Indellient’s repertoire, the possibilities are endless. The powerful capabilities will be rolled out within the next few weeks and fully optimized to better service clients.

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