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Published: July 27 2016

Dundas BI Version 3.0 has your visual data analytics experience covered

Toronto, Canada, July, 27, 2016 - Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading global provider of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization solutions, today announced the availability of Dundas BI Version 3.0, the latest release of their fully customizable BI platform.

Dundas BI is a comprehensive BI platform that includes data preparation, dashboards, reporting and data analytics, all with seamless integration into business applications.

The latest release of the platform, Version 3.0, includes over 100 new and innovative features that further enhance Dundas’ reputation for creating BI software with unrivaled flexibility. This release provides faster data exploration, smarter visualizations and new tools to help accelerate user adoption enabling even more people to be data driven.

“Dundas BI is a great tool for displaying professional looking, interactive visualizations that allow any user to drill down to the underlying details to get right to the facts,” said Troy Marchand, President, CEO and Co-founder of Dundas Data Visualization. “This release builds on our philosophy that great BI has to be easy to access and work and function as a user would expect it to. With the new features in Version 3.0, we give our customers even more ways to explore and visualize their data so they can make faster and better business decisions.”

In version 3.0, users can explore their data in new ways using new, smart visualizations such as relationship diagrams for explicit data relations and new waterfall chart for changes over time/process steps. There’s also automated Pareto charts and histograms for distribution analysis.

Some of the other innovative features in this new release include instant statistics for selected data on the status bar, quick forecasting, a built-in, intuitive product walkthrough and samples for new users and a new script library for developers with over 50 live script samples.

There is also a new responsive mode in version 3.0 that lets you create an optimal viewing experience for all devices without losing any interactivity – even on smartphones.

Dundas BI version 3.0 gives people timely access to the right data and makes it incredibly easy to design and create powerful, consumable visualizations and dashboards. Version 3.0 gets the information needed for faster decision making into everyone’s hands.

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