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Published: September 27 2018

Inside Dundas BI

September 2018 Issue

In this issue, we focus on designing dashboards for different devices and display sizes. Our newest blog Maximize Your Office's Real Estate - Mounted Dashboards that Drive Change - covers how to design wall-mounted dashboards to ensure maximum business metric visibility. We also have a webinar - Designing Stunning Dashboards for Any Device - coming up on October 30th. And last but not least, we will be kicking off our Dundas BI 6 Beta Program shortly.  Dundas BI customers can sign up now for the Beta Program in The Cube - Dundas' VIP Program. Look for the "Dundas BI 6 BETA" tile for next steps. More details will be available via email next week! Enjoy this issue...

Designing for the Right Display Size

Your users demand that their data be accessible to them on any device, from mobile, to tablet, to laptop, to large desktop monitors, and all the way up to wall mounted TVs. How can you make sure users get the optimal experience to access and analyze data on those changing screen sizes? If you’ve designed a dashboard in the past, you probably know how important your dashboard real-estate is, as every pixel can make a difference in your design. Dundas BI was designed to give you choice in regards to the size your dashboards will be across different devices. Whether your dashboard should automatically respond to the screen size, scale to maximize the available space, or fit specific dimensions, Dundas BI has you covered.


Enriching Your Analysis with Additional Context

When it comes to analytics, context is often as king as content. Enriching your data exploration with additional context that isn’t available in your original data set is essential to helping yourself and others better understand data. To make it easy for self-service users and to avoid the need to go back to IT on every request to add context, Dundas BI offers many tools that simplify that task. Starting from easy ways to add individualized targets in the form of contextual measures, to 2 click period-over-period analysis, to members grouping, and down to the ability to add advanced analytics and formulas calculations in a simple interface, the metric set tools are enabling anyone to add context.


We're inviting Dundas BI customers to preview our newest version of Dundas BI prior to its release through our Beta program. You'll have the opportunity to test out features, provide your feedback and have a real impact on the end product. You’ll also have the opportunity to win great prizes!

Coming soon in Dundas BI 6:
  • Richer visualizations included radar/spider charts
  • Simplified creation of complex data models
  • New data connections
  • More integration and collaboration options
  • and much more...
Dundas BI customers can sign up now for the Beta Program through the Cube - Dundas' VIP Program.

Participation is limited, so act fast!  
Beta Program sign up ends on Oct.15.

Watch for our email next week with more details on the Beta Program and how you can take part and provide your feedback.

Designing Stunning Dashboards for Any Device
from Smartphones to Wall-Mounted Displays

Join Our Webinar:
Tuesday, October 30 at 11 a.m. EDT

Ensuring data is accessible to all is key to running a smarter business. The days where dashboards and reports are only available on desktop are long gone and data users are now demanding access to key insights, right from their mobile device. At the same time, more and more organizations are starting to realize the potential of using wall-mounted dashboards as another way to motivate teams and help drive a greater focus on the business goals. With each device bringing its own challenges - designing optimal dashboards for all devices can be a daunting task. From varying screen dimensions ranging from small to huge, and different device interactivity ranging from touch to mouse to fully automated interactions, many considerations are in play. 

Join our webinar and learn best practices for designing stunning dashboards across all devices, while reusing content and reducing development efforts.

NEW Blog: Maximize Your Office's Real Estate - Mounted Dashboards that Drive Change

More and more businesses today are moving towards employing a data-driven approach when it comes to decision making. Whether the objective is to improve their customer service, choose the right investment area or fine tune processes for better efficiency, a data-driven approach provides an analytical way to make strategic decisions based on factual data (i.e. metrics) rather than just intuition.

Dashboards allow you to monitor and track these metrics in a visual way.  Collaborating with others within the company on the basis of these metrics becomes important in the data-driven endeavor as it allows people to have meaningful conversations regarding the performance and required actions.

Wall-mounted dashboards, wallboards, or simply put, “dashboards on large screens on your office walls”, are a great way ensure key business metrics are made visible at prominent locations in the communal office space.

Learn more about wall-mounted dashboards and how to use them effectively in our latest blog.

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