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Published: February 28 2018

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Connecting to Data via REST Services

As many web-based data sources expose data through a REST API, many organizations need to integrate this data into their existing data analytics solutions in order to provide a fully automated access to all of their data. The challenge here is that there are many variations in the way the REST API is implemented for different data sources. To combat that, Dundas BI provides a few ways to complete this task and let you progress to analyzing the data: By creating your own custom data connection or by creating a connection from within your data models using Python or R, you get the flexibility to leverage existing public libraries and samples and connect while also manipulating your data as needed.

Defining a Custom User Experience for Guided Analytics

While adoption for ad-hoc self-service analytics increases as it becomes easier, the majority of data consumers still need Guided Analytics whereby content and interactions are laid out in a pre-defined fashion. Out-of-the-box, Dundas BI provides many built-in interactions to support the users data exploration when starting from scratch or from a pre-defined data view. This enables users to ask the next question or better collaborate with others. When creating a custom guided analytics data view, the content creator often wants to dictate which interactions are available and how the consumer will use those. Doing so can Simplify the UX and drive even higher adoption rates.

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With Dundas BI 5, Data Relationships Don’t Have to be Complicated

With the release of Dundas BI 5, a concerted effort was made to enhance our visual analytics offerings, to accelerate the speed by which questions could be answered. One way this was accomplished, was by creating new types of visualizations, specifically those within the relationship category.

We’ve now increased the breadth of visualizations within this category to include Tree Diagrams and Chord Diagrams.  

Learn more about these types of visualizations in our blog.


18 Cool Features of Dundas BI that Data People Love

We’ll focus on new and valuable capabilities in Dundas BI 5 and demonstrate how those features can help, from data prep to analysis and visualization.

Join us on:
Wed., March 21, 2018
at 11:00 a.m. ET

Presented by:
Ekaterina Sycheva
Business Intelligence Consultant at Dundas


If you missed our Predictive Analytics for Everyone Webinar - it was recorded! You can register to view it here...


How NHS Streamlined Reporting Processes to Maximize Top-Down Performance.

Devon Partnership NHS (National Health Service) Trust provides publicly funded health services both locally and nationally. They evaluated several BI platforms but zeroed in on Dundas BI due to it's robust end-to-end functionality as compared to other vendor’s offerings. Dundas BI was less complicated in regards to connecting to data warehouses and linking to SQL Server with pure or parameterized SQL queries they have already developed for previous reports. The Trust discovered that the ability to connect to a variety of data sources was an innate feature of Dundas BI, which would eliminate additional layers of processing for them. Read their full story in our new Case Study.


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