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Published: February 28 2019

Inside Dundas BI - February 2019 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

February 2019 Issue

In our Innovation Never Rests series, we look at how Dundas BI automatically detects tables within Excel. Learn more about the best cases to use the Pareto Chart, and how to easily add symbols on your map - including how to change the size and color of them. We also discuss Dundas BI's built-in support for Multi-Tenancy and the numerous benefits of this type of solution. Read real user reviews and learn why Dundas BI is recognized by G2Crowd as a leading tool for enterprise deployments. Enjoy!

NEW SERIES: Innovation Never Rests

Welcome to our new series where we cover our latest features in the software.

Automatically Detect Tables Within Excel

In this installment of Innovation Never Rests, we focus on one of the new ways Dundas BI empowers you to spend less time preparing data, and more time analyzing it. We take a closer look at Dundas BI’s enhanced ability to automatically detect tables within non-standard Excel files, and explore how with this addition, you’re now able to simply drag-and-drop messy Excel files onto Dundas BI’s interface, and have it immediately auto-detect sub-tables with different sheets. The data exploration process just got a whole lot easier!

The Pareto Chart

The The Pareto Chart is a unique visualization in that it contains both bars and a line graph, where individual values are represented in descending order by bars, and the cumulative total of those values is represented by the line from left to right. The chart is a derivative of the Pareto principle, which states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. The Pareto chart is often seen as an alternative to the pie chart. Pie charts suffer from being a poor visualization choice when you have a large amount of data (more than 3 points) but the Pareto chart can highlight the most important information among a large set of factors without sacrificing visual clarity. With a Pareto chart, you are able to highlight the most important among a large set of factors. 

Multi-Tenancy in Dundas BI

In cases where Dundas BI is being hosted for your external users, you can use Multi-tenancy to segment those users. Dundas BI has built-in support for multi-tenant deployment scenarios, allowing administrators to easily create and manage tenants (clients), which are isolated from each other under a single deployment. A multi-tenant instance is used when the application deployment is done for users who shouldn’t know about the existence of other users using the same system. It allows the solution provider to install and maintain one application of Dundas BI to handle all their tenants. There are numerous benefits of hosting a multi-tenant solution including greater data security, despite tenants sharing the same instance, licensing control and reduced maintenance.   

Displaying Symbols on a Map

Maps display geographic information in the form of shape, path, and symbol elements. You can connect these elements to data so that their appearance will change based on data values. A symbol is a type of map element that is used to represent location points on a map such as city, office or vehicle. These are most commonly added from latitude and longitude coordinates from your data source. The size or color of symbols can be varied according to their data values using size rules and color rules. Learn how to create a proportional symbol map in which the location of the symbols comes from the data and both the size and color of each symbol varies according to data values.


Dundas BI for Large Scale Deployments

Dundas BI is an analytics platform that was designed for large-scale deployments. With so much built-in flexibility, Dundas BI makes it possible to deliver personalized reporting and analytics experiences to ALL users, regardless of their skills. Dundas BI is featured on G2Crowd as a leading Business Intelligence Platform for Enterprise. Visit G2Crowd to read real reviews from users that have deployed Dundas BI across the enterprise and get additional resources that will provide more insight for companies looking to deploy BI and analytics.

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