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Published: September 29 2015

Dundas BI platform enables quick data discovery for Opinionmeter's enterprise customers.

Toronto, Canada, September 29, 2015 – Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., a leading global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization solutions, announced today that Opinionmeter, an innovator and leader in advanced survey and data capture solutions, has chosen Dundas BI for their business intelligence and dashboard solutions.

Opinionmeter looked at several BI platforms, seeking a flexible, customizable tool with advanced BI and dashboard capabilities, that could help their enterprise customers easily see the ‘why' behind their survey data. Only Dundas provided the enterprise-ready features, security, seamless integration support and powerful analysis functionality they needed for their new and existing customers.

"We've spent the last 40 years being an innovator in the field of survey and opinion polling technologies—always looking for new ways to bring leading-edge capabilities to our customers," said Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter. "With the emergence of stronger, more interactive and responsive online technologies has come a wave of business intelligence dashboard solutions offering high-level analysis and drill-down solutions to the market. We quickly recognized the value and potential of this type of solution for our customers and made a careful study of the available options. We chose to partner with Dundas because of their unique combination of powerful analysis functionality, seamless integration support, and ease of use. "

"Dundas is excited to partner with Opionionmeter to provide their users with a world-class BI and dashboard solution," said Dundas President and CEO Troy Marchand. "The advanced sharing options and the seamless integration between survey management and data analysis platforms that Dundas BI provides, ensures that Opinionmeter's enterprise customers have accurate real-time views into all data collection initiatives."

For Opinionmeter, the extensive features that Dundas BI offers made it the clear choice. With up-to-the-moment, high level, executive views of all survey data, consolidated into point-and-click, decision-enabling graphs and charts, Dundas BI is an invaluable tool for Opinionmeter's customers. The customizable layouts and permission-based views deliver the right information, in the right format and the hierarchical reporting capabilities with drill-down, drill-up supports train-of-thought data exploration.

"The Dundas BI solution enables our survey customers to expand their data mining capabilities while not overburdening them with unnecessary complexities", says Strickland. "Our customers are focused on seeing the big picture and following their data exploration train-of-thought to find answers to questions posed at the high level. Our now-integrated Dundas BI platform enables our customers to follow this train-of-thought and find the answers they're looking for with a few simple clicks."

To learn more about Opinionmeter's new advanced, executive dashboard capabilities – Opinionmeter Survey Dashboard Video Demo

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