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Published: January 30 2018

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Use Any Map - The Choice is Yours

When it comes to visualizing geo data – especially down to the street level, there are many different map providers available. Some are free (usually with certain conditions) such as OpenStreetMap and some are for commercial use such as Bing Maps, Esri ArcGIS and MapQuest. In fact there are more than 70 maps providers out there, each with different features designed to solve different cases. In Dundas BI, we ensure that if you already invested in a certain map provider or have your preference in regards to a specific provider – the choice will be yours as you can simply select the right provider to work with on your dashboards – no coding required.

Validate Your Data Model as You Build It  

Dundas BI's rich data preparation layer (i.e. data cubes) includes many different types of data transforms to help you shape and structure your data in the most convenient way for your analytics and for other consumer's data explorations. A great way to understand the shape of your data and the impact of each data transform you add to the model, is by using the statistics report that profiles your data to offer key insights, helping you understand the accuracy of your model and if you managed to achieve the expected result when using the transform. The statistics can be accessed for each transform as you progress.

 Spotlight On 

Dundas BI 5 is Here!

With over 150 new features, Dundas BI 5 delivers unprecedented analytics capabilities and better data insights than ever before. 

Dundas BI 5 provides innovative avenues to analyze data using advanced visual analytics, new built-in integrations, and a superior user experience. 

Some of the highlights:

Advanced Predictive Analytics with forecasting, clustering and Python
- Tree & Chord Diagrams
- Heat Maps
- New Homepage
Easier & Faster Data Preparation

You''ll find a list of the Dundas BI 5 highlights on our website.There's lots of great new features in this product we're eager for you to explore. 


Upcoming Dundas BI 5 Feature Webinars
Presented by Our Business Intelligence Experts at Dundas

Predictive Analytics for Everyone

We’ll focus on the new and enhanced predictive analytics options available to you in Dundas BI 5 including forecasting, clustering and Python integration. 

Wed., Feb. 21, 2018
at 11:00 a.m. EST

18 Cool Features of Dundas BI that Data People Love

We’ll focus on new and valuable capabilities in Dundas BI 5 and demonstrate how those features can help, from data prep to analysis and visualization.

Wed., March 21, 2018
at 11:00 a.m. ET


New Blog: Add Some Heat to Your Map Visualizations

With our latest release, the process of getting answers just got a whole lot simpler with new interactions and advanced visualizations that are designed to eliminate the need to spend more time preparing data for every question. One of these such visualizations is the Heat Map.

Maps, in general, are practical tools for spotting spatial patterns in geographical data, population details, office locations, regional performance of certain measures and more. With Dundas BI 5, we’ve taken our existing Map Visualization and set its functionalities ablaze by incorporating Heat Maps.


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