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Published: April 30 2019

Inside Dundas BI - April 2019 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

April 2019 Issue

In this issue, we introduce YOU to our new program - Off the Charts with Jeff - where we share great video and blog content on all things analytics and BI. New content is added weekly, so make sure you bookmark the site. We also show you how to better analyze geographical data using out-of-the-box map visualizations or bringing in your own map files. Up next in the Innovation Never Rests series is the Delivery API. And lastly, if you're trying to get metrics out company-wide via wall-mounted dashboards, have you considered using the slideshow mode in Dundas BI? 


Welcome to Off the Charts with Jeff

Off the Charts with Jeff, is dedicated to providing people with valuable insights and educational video and blog content on all things analytics, data visualizations, dashboards and business intelligence (BI). Whether you’re new to BI or a seasoned BI developer, our short, fun video, blog and live podcast content will show you the possibilities of BI and analytics. With new content added weekly, there’s something for everyone, from BI best practices to tips for getting started with Dundas BI, to technical considerations and more.

Come check it out for yourself!

Map Visualizations

Maps are one of the most recognizable forms of data visualization. They display geographic information in the form of shape, path and symbol elements. Dundas BI comes stocked, out-of-the-box, with a whole variety of map files for you to analyze geographical data with. There are maps of cities, of continents, of countries, of territories, and much more. But what if you need something highly specific? Well, with Dundas BI, you can actually bring in your own map files.

Watch our NEW video - There's a Map for That - in Off the Charts. In this video we’ll show you how you can bring in your own map files to Dundas BI (heads up, we use a real example from Game of Thrones!).


Delivery API 

In this 5th installment of Innovation Never Rests, we cover the Export Delivery API, which allows users to export and deliver Dundas BI exports through notifications. We look at the role it plays in creating a more collaborative BI experience. What we've done in Dundas BI is create a new type of API - one that essentially allows you to create new ways of sharing and delivering your emails.This blog covers the specific integration with Slack, but with this API, you can actually extend Dundas BI and easily integrate with any type of environment that you want to share exports to.  

Innovation Never Rests Series

In case you've missed any installments in our Innovation Never Rests series, we're reposting them below. This series takes a deeper look into the newest features and functionalities available in Dundas BI and explores the impact each can have.

Enjoy! And don't forget to also check out our new educational video and blog site - Off the Charts with Jeff - for even more great content.

Slideshows in Dundas BI

Dundas BI features a built-in slideshow mode that allows users to display their own selection of dashboards or other views in a sequence. Very similar to PowerPoint presentations, you can use this mode as part of a slide reel and show several dashboards to display key metrics. This can be a very powerful way to share key business metrics with your team. Everything you need to get started with slideshows is in this article.

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