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Published: August 30 2019

Inside Dundas BI - August 2019 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

August 2019 Issue

We're happy to introduce you to our brand new Dundas BI Resource Hub! Check it out and let us know what you think. In our 7th installment of Innovation Never Rests, we cover Dundas BI's new, powerful Map Animations. New this month is SoftwareReview's (powered by Info-Tech Research Group) - Emotional Footprint Report for BI Vendors where Dundas BI ranked #1 in 14/25 categories! In this issue, we also feature Writeback Capabilities in Dundas BI and we're showcasing a great blog on "Does Everyone Know What a Dashboard Really Is?" from our very own R&D Director - Visualizations, Jamie Cherwonka. Enjoy!

Dundas BI's New Resource Hub 

We have totally transformed how you engage with our content. We’ve consolidated all our content in one central Resource Hub and personalized the experience.

We had one goal in mind when we began building this Resource Hub: to help you better find and consume our content, to ensure you get the most out of Dundas BI. Are you looking to modernize your reporting, deliver analytics to your customers, or create reports without relying on IT? We’ve got content on how to do it. Are you looking for resources on embedded BI, data visualizations, or self-service analytics? Yup, we’ve got that too!

We want your business intelligence projects to thrive. Let us help you get there!

Innovation Never Rests Series: Map Animation
Bring Your Maps to Life

In this 7th edition of Innovation Never Rests, we return to the topic of Visual Analytics, and how our innovative software, Dundas BI, is evolving to help you better visualize and analyze your data using unique and dynamic data visualizations. New to Dundas BI, is the ability to use map and diagram animations to faster detect changes across geo-locations. With these powerful animations, users are immediately able to cognitively identify changes in their geographical data.

SoftwareReview's Emotional Footprint Report for BI Vendors

Over 130 vendors were evaluated by real users of the software in SoftwareReview’s Emotional Footprint Report for BI Vendors. In this report, it's clear that real users love Dundas BI - ranking us #1 in 14/25 categories. The Net Emotional Footprint measures high-level user sentiment. It aggregates emotional response ratings across 25 provocative questions, creating a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product. Real users were asked about their experience with a software vendor – from procurement, implementation, service, and support. 

See how real users feel about working with Dundas BI.

Video: Adding Writeback Capabilities to Your Dashboard

Data input and writeback is something fairly unique to Dundas BI and business intelligence tools as a whole. What really sets Dundas BI apart, is just how easy it is to implement your own custom data input features into a dashboard or report. In this video, we learn how Dundas BI’s data input features can be used, and how to implement them.

Database Writeback in Dundas BI 

Dundas BI includes built-in data input features for storing data entered by end users in Dundas BI's warehouse data storage area, as well as notes functionality to allow users to add and reply to notes tagged to data points. The following article outlines an example of how you can use Dundas BI to write data to your own database.

Does Everyone Know What a Dashboard Really Is?

Jamie Cherwonka,
R&D Director - Data Visualizations

There are many different types of information displays people need for exploring, analyzing, monitoring and acting on data. In Dundas BI – our dashboard, reporting, and analytics platform – you’re able to create different types of “views” (which we use for displaying data using data visualizations connected to metric sets), but by far the most common and most important view, is the dashboard.

What can you use dashboard views for in Dundas BI? Hang on - the answer is surprisingly controversial, but also demonstrates Dundas BI’s capabilities and flexibility.


Check out what real users of our software have to say...

"Champion" in Customer Experience and #1 in 14/25 categories in SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Report

#1 BI Software as Rated by Real Users in Info-Tech's BI Category Report

#1 in Flexibility and a Leader in Over 40 Categories in the world's largest survey of BI software users

Highest Overall Rating on Gartner's Peer Insights

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