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Published: November 30 2018

Inside Dundas BI - November 2018 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

November 2018 Issue

In this issue, we're showcasing our latest release, Dundas BI 6. Interested in how BI Software Vendors compare? If you are, you'll want to download Info-Tech's full Business Intelligence Category Report - available as a free download from our website for a limited time. This report is based on feedback from real users and highlights how some of the leading BI software vendors rate for vendor capabilities and product features. We also introduce our new bi-monthly series - Innovation Never Rests - where we cover the newest features in Dundas BI. To kick it off, we start with Ragged Hierarchies, a feature totally unique to Dundas BI. Enjoy.


NEW SERIES: Innovation Never Rests

Welcome to our new series where we cover our newest features in the software.

Ragged Hierarchies 

One of the more common challenges a lot of organization’s encounter, is around being able to manage their hierarchies when they’re either ragged or unbalanced. While these types of hierarchies are by no means unusual, the process of modeling them into something navigable that users can interact with is quite complex. With Dundas BI, however, we’ve made it possible to handle complex data modeling with ease, and have taken the leg-work out of creating hierarchical data models that support your analysis.


BLOG: Best Practices for Discussing Data Insights


In order to better understand data insights and take action, organizations need better ways to collaborate; and the best way to do so, is by moving their discussions directly into their business intelligence tool, right to where the data resides. In practical terms, users should have the ability to add their notes or annotations to the data, and have group discussions by placing their comments, thoughts, questions and answers within their dashboards and reports.

While some modern BI tools have adopted the concept of having collaboration done within the tool, with Dundas BI, we took it one step further and were even awarded a patent for our approach. Instead of having comments displayed in a side panel within the BI tool, the Dundas BI collaboration experience is unique in that it takes place directly on top of your visualization. 

Info-Tech Research Group, a world-leader in information technology research, has compiled their second in-depth Business Intelligence Category Report that evaluates and ranks vendors based on feedback from real users of the software.

The data in this report is collected from verified, real end users, and provides a holistic, unbiased view of the BI vendor landscape. The full Category Report aggregates feedback from real IT professionals and business leaders who use the software regularly. Get the full report here and see how real users rank BI vendors for product features and vendor capabilities.

Earlier this month, our President and CEO, Troy Marchand, traveled to Las Vegas and proudly accepted the Gold Medal Award from Info-Tech Research Group's David Piazza, recognizing Dundas BI as the 2018 Data Quadrant Winner for the best Business Intelligence Software - as rated by real users.

Earlier this month, we released Dundas BI 6. Our goal is always to constantly innovate and bring you cutting-edge capabilities to handle your data analytics.

Dundas BI 6 includes new, more modern ways to better handle complex data structures and simplify data analytics for every organization’s needs. A great deal of our new features are driven directly by our customers’ requests.

The new features will help any user with even more new ways to visualize and interact with data, using dynamic small multiples, new data connectors for Snowflake and Saleforce’s Pardot, new stunning Radar chart visualizations, geo-data animations to enhance visual analytics, faster design configurations to help users quickly create beautiful content, advanced options for multi-tenancy support, and much more.

Take a look at some of the highlights of Dundas BI or request a personal, live demo.



5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a BI Platform

So you’ve decided your company needs a Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Fantastic! But now what?

Whether you’re looking to embed real-time analytics within an existing product or company portal, or are looking to re-invent your current internal reporting structure with modern analytics, the actual process of selecting a Business Intelligence platform is not for the faint of heart. There’s so much to consider; like user experience, look and feel, vendor support, and whether or not its basic capabilities even meet your needs. Not to mention the immense investment in time, money, and effort!

We’ve put together a list of 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a Business Intelligence platform.

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