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Published: November 30 2019

Inside Dundas BI - November 2019 Issue

November 2019 Issue

Watch one of our latest Off the Charts videos on White Labeling for some valuable techniques to create your own custom white labeling using Dundas BI. Our latest Customer Story features Yulista Holdings, and how they reduced their budgeting time from two weeks to two hours! Our newest in-depth blog covers 8 Avoidable Mistakes That Are Killing Your BI Projects . A great read for those just researching or starting their BI projects. And finally, we highlight Data "Brushing" and how you can implement this simple concept on your dashboards. 


Create a Consistent Experience with White Labeling 

What is white labeling? In this latest video in Off the Charts with Jeff, we cover what white labeling is and why it's important in business intelligence. Jeff shows some examples of white labeling using Dundas BI and also shows you some valuable techniques you can use to apply your own custom white labeling.

White Labeling Dundas BI

In this article we'll show you how to white label or customer the Dundas BI web application. You'll learn how to select and modify the Dundas BI web application's styles, customize images, customize displayed text, add your own JavaScript or HTML to be included throughout the applications and maintain your custom files between versions.

How Yulista Slashed Their Budgeting Time from 2 Weeks to 2 Hours

Yulista Holding, LLC, is an industry leader in providing rapid response assistance and defense solutions for foreign and domestic customers. Prior to implementing Dundas BI, Yulista relied heavily upon Excel for a large majority of their reporting endeavours. They knew they wanted more for their reporting solution. They wanted to find an analytics partner who could provide a BI platform with immense built-in functionality, adaptive data flows, fully open APIs and a flexible pricing model. Using Dundas BI to build budgeting dashboards, Yulista has now reduced the time it takes to create upcoming budgets from two weeks to two hours. 

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8 Avoidable Mistakes that are Killing Your BI Projects

Business Intelligence projects are complex and often not straightforward. The majority of BI initiatives are vast undertakings involving several parties. There are several common mistakes we see being made in unsuccessful BI projects time and time again. To ensure your Business Intelligence project is a success, we've outlined 8 common mistakes businesses make (and how you can avoid them). Some of the mistakes we cover: Tracking and Implementing the Wrong KPIs, Underestimating the Importance of Product Flexibility, Not Enhancing Your Analytics with Data Visualizations and Confusing Self-Service with Self-Sufficiency.

Video: Use Data Brushing for Greater Insights 

"Brushing" allows you to select data on a dashboard and show related items within the same view. Learn all about data "Brushing" and why it's useful. We'll show you how to implement  this simple concept on your dashboards using Dundas BI. We'll look at a single data set that is using several different data visualization types and using "brushing" we'll show you how to quickly highlight related information for analysis.


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