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Published: January 31 2019

Inside Dundas BI - January 2019 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

January 2019 Issue

In our 3rd installment of our Innovation Never Rests series, we cover Hierarchy Attributes and how they can impact your data exploration. We also show you how Dundas BI supports the language preferences across your team. Learn how Profunda Analytics delivers a voice-controlled BI system to healthcare workers and read our two latest blogs: 4 Positive Effects of Using Business Intelligence (from TechnologyAdvice) and Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a BreezeEnjoy.

NEW SERIES: Innovation Never Rests

Welcome to our new series where we cover our latest features in the software.

Hierarchy Attributes

In this installment of Innovation Never Rests, we’re focusing on one of the new ways Dundas BI simplifies data models and enables users to easily explore data in a logical and organized fashion by using Hierarchy Attributes. In a nutshell, attributes are known to describe the values of a hierarchy, such as the color or size of each product in the product level of the hierarchy, but there’s so much more to them; Read on to find out how Hierarchy Attributes can immediately impact your data exploration.



Serve Your Dashboards in the User's Language of Choice

Running an international business means that you will probably deal with users that have language preferences. For those, the likelihood to adopt a data system will be higher if it's served to them in their language of choice for doing business. However for most content creators, the challenge of delivering content in multiple languages may be daunting - we even have some customers that create dashboards that support 13 different languages. With Dundas BI, you don't have to duplicate and maintain a copy per language, you can have 1 version of your dashboard that works across all languages. 

Freely Navigate Your Data Without Constraints

Sometimes your business users demand a different user experience when it comes to accessing their data. Learn how Profunda Analytics leveraged Dundas BI's infinite flexibility to deliver healthcare information workers a voice-controlled business intelligence system that offer those users unparalleled freedom to explore and analyze their data, completely free of the hierarchical constraints imposed by most BI systems. 

TechnologyAdvice Blog:

4 Positive Effects of Using Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a powerful approach to how you use data that helps you make smarter business decisions, save money, cut costs, and spot and reduce inefficiencies. BI also assists in creating a better and more thorough understanding of what is happening now, along with who and what is involved and even what may happen moving forward. Here are 4 reasons why it’s time to give a modern BI tool a try.

Blog by Laura Hudgens of TechnologyAdvice

Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze

Are your metrics impacted by the weather? Have you ever considered using historical weather data to contextualize your data visualizations? If you had weather forecasts, could you more accurately predict decisions and results? The possibilities when working with weather data are near endless and in this blog, we’re going to explore how we might incorporate it into our dashboards.


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