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Published: March 31 2019

Inside Dundas BI - March 2019 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

March 2019 Issue

In this issue, we highlight the Automatic Visualization Recommendations feature available in Dundas BI that helps you select the best data visualization option for you. We also show you how Quick Access Properties can help you customize the look of your content. And attention Dundas BI customers, if you haven't already joined us in The Cube, why not come and check it out and pop by the User Forums while you're there. Read our latest blog on notifications - Data Changes Real Fast - React Faster with Notifications. Enjoy! 


Automatic Visualization Recommendations in Dundas BI

Within Dundas BI, there are so many great data visualization options it’ll make your head spin! Pie Chart? Bar Chart? Line Chart? Data Table? Which one makes the most sense for your particular use case? We’ve covered some great examples of some of the visualizations we provide, along with examples of when best to use them, but there’s actually an even easier way to select the right one! Dundas BI will automatically examine your data and suggest which visualization is most appropriate for you to use.

Quick Access Properties

With thousands of visualization properties that allow you to modify and customize the look and feel of your content, it’s easy to see why Dundas BI is ranked as the most flexible business intelligence platform. And with Dundas BI’s Quick Access Properties Panel, you’re provided with an even quicker way to get to your more commonly used properties, simplifying and speeding up your ability to interact with and visualize your data.

Customer Success

When partnering with Dundas, our entire company is in your corner, championing your success and helping you make the most out of our technology. It’s our mission to fully understand your business problem, so that we can deliver THE BEST possible solution. By immersing ourselves in your unique project, and working tirelessly to deliver exactly what you need, we’ll ensure your success.

That’s why our vendor support is ranked #1 by real users!

Calling All Customers - Have YOU Joined The Cube Yet? 

Our User Forums - hosted within The Cube - Dundas' VIP Program - are a great way for our customers to connect with like-minded users and interact with our technical team. Our User Forums have community sourced technical questions, tips and tricks and is a great way for our customers to provide product feedback and make feature requests. If you're a Dundas BI customer and you haven't joined The Cube yet, what are you waiting for? Aside from the User Forums, there's so much more for you to see and do!

Any questions? Our Community & Content Manager Jordan can help. Shoot him an email -

Data Changes Fast - React Faster with Notifications

Data changes rapidly, as does the output on your dashboards, and it’s not always possible to be in front of those dashboards when the data changes. How can you guarantee the insights you’ve discovered are seen by the right people at the right time? How is it possible to ensure key-decision makers are alerted to critical changes in their data as soon as it happens? The answer is simple. With data-driven notifications, you’ll never miss important changes in your data, ever again.

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