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Published: May 31 2018

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Inside Dundas BI

May 2018 Issue

In this issue, we highlight some of the new features and functionality coming out early next month in Dundas BI 5.0.1. For even more details, we highly recommend attending our 5.0.1. webinar on June 5. Our blog this month is part 1 of 2 covering why companies should consider replacing Excel with a Business Intelligence platform for more effective decision making. We also have some 3D Visualizations and GDPR tips. Enjoy!

3D Scatter Plot in Dundas BI - The Case for 3D Visualizations

3D charts are frowned upon in the data visualization world, especially when it comes to 3D pie and bar charts. This is because studies show that people make more errors when reading 3D visualizations and so the best practice is to stick with 2D. However, there are some cases, such as the 3D scatter plot, where one could reveal clusters and patterns that are harder to spot in 2D. Inserting 3D visualizations or any other scripted web content into Dundas BI is pretty simple assuming you can deal with a little bit of JavaScript to tweak other samples to match your exact use case.


Controlling Authentication Security

With the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in effect, it's a good time to remind ourselves that Dundas BI includes many different security features helping you better protect your data. For example, Dundas BI allows you to configure a password policy to comply with your organization's regulations. For example, controlling the need for a certain password length or a mix of alphanumeric characters in the password, can users change their password and they use their user name in it. This and other configurations are available to administrators directly from the config menu.

Savyva: Build vs. Buy - How SAVYVA Created Their Brand New Analytics Application by Customizing Dundas BI

In lieu of developing their own Business Intelligence platform from scratch to supplement their existing programs, systems and administration, SAVYVA (Dundas partner since 2016) customized and extended Dundas BI, and built a tremendously unique solution of their own. They opted to enhance their native components by integrating with Dundas BI’s powerful interactive dashboards, reports, and self-service analytics, making it possible for them to bring their application to life and proudly deliver it to their customers. 

Dundas BI 5.0.1: Intelligent. Fast. Personal

New Features Requested by You 

Join us as we demo some of the new features in our upcoming Dundas BI 5.0.1 release including:
  • Word Cloud
  • Time Based Visual Animations
  • New Mapping Capabilities
  • Enhanced Auto Detection
  • New Hooks for Embedded Solutions
  • and much more...
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Blog: The Case for Business Intelligence vs. Excel (Part 1)

As organizations acquire greater volumes of data from a dizzying array of sources, there’s a growing need to be able to consolidate and analyze the information as quickly and effectively as possible. 

This is part one of a two part series on why companies should consider replacing Excel with a Business Intelligence platform for more confident decision making.

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