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Published: October 31 2018

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Inside Dundas BI

October 2018 Issue

In this issue, we show you some techniques for custom sorting of your data and how to use a custom total calculation. We also give you access to results from BARC's The BI Survey 18 using their interactive report - BI Survey Highlights Analyzer. You can compare top BI vendors in over 40 categories based on results from the world's largest survey of BI software users. We also want to remind you about our webinar on Tuesday, October 30th at 11 a.m. EDT - Designing Stunning Dashboards for Any DeviceYou can also take a look at our latest blog - Add Real-Time Analytics to Your Data MonitoringEnjoy.

Sorting Your Data in the Most Meaningful Way

When it comes to data sorting, in most cases you want to sort by the top values or bottom values, for example to see the highest or worst offenders. In other cases, finding the best or worst value isn’t the focus as much as finding the value of a certain category and comparing it to the rest of the group. This is where alphabetical sorting can be handy, especially when a lot of categories are in the mix. However, at times, your data sorting rule requires a different logic. For example, if you want to sort high school years in order: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. Or if you want to sort your chart where your brand is always the first on the left and then you see all the rest sorted by value. This is where custom sorting can come in handy.


Perfecting Data Tables with Custom Totals

Data tables are still one of the most popular forms of visualization for many users. It’s almost as if sometimes users need to first see their data in a table just to better understand the data shape, and then re-visualize it to another visualization that can better highlight trends and patterns. Whether you like it or not, if you need to design a table, adding totals to that table, either by row or by column or both, can go a long way. More often than not, the most important attributes you can add to rows and columns, are "totals", which point out the magnitude of the data. But adding totals isn’t always that straight forward. Sure it’s simple if you're just summing up a quantity measure, but what if you are trying to show the total percentage of a percentage measure?

The BI Survey 18 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI software users

This year, you can easily find the results that matter to you using an interactive report. Use the BI Survey Highlights Analyzer to quickly:

  • Compare Dundas’ results to other top vendors in over 40 categories. 
  • See how others are benefiting from their BI solutions. Filter the results by industry, user type and more.
  • Dive deeper into the questions asked in the survey to consider how those would apply to your organization.
You can also download the full highlights report to see how Dundas BI was rated by real users. 

Designing Stunning Dashboards for Any Device
from Smartphones to Wall-Mounted Displays

Join Our Webinar:
Tuesday, October 30 at 11 a.m. EDT

Ensuring data is accessible to all is key to running a smarter business. The days where dashboards and reports are only available on desktop are long gone and data users are now demanding access to key insights, right from their mobile device. At the same time, more and more organizations are starting to realize the potential of using wall-mounted dashboards as another way to motivate teams and help drive a greater focus on the business goals. With each device bringing its own challenges - designing optimal dashboards for all devices can be a daunting task. From varying screen dimensions ranging from small to huge, and different device interactivity ranging from touch to mouse to fully automated interactions, many considerations are in play. 

Join our webinar and learn best practices for designing stunning dashboards across all devices, while reusing content and reducing development efforts.

Take the Next Step: Add Real-Time Data Analytics to Your Data Monitoring

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to react to events as soon as they occur, with little to no delay. Whether it’s optimizing call center response times and quality of responses to improve customer satisfaction, detecting and preventing fraud at the point of sale, or targeting individuals with promotions as they enter physical or online stores, reacting to events as they occur helps businesses to make tactical decisions immediately and prevent any problems that may arise due to inadvertent delays.

Check out what real users of our software have to say...

#1 BI Software as Rated by Real Users in Info-Tech's BI Category Report

#1 in Flexibility and a Leader in Over 40 Categories in the world's largest survey of BI software users

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