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Published: December 31 2017

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Context is King

Context is king, especially when it comes to data. Big data, small data, Excel data, dashboard data, ad hoc reports, analytics - all of these need that same important piece to make them relevant: Context. Here is a very simple, yet effective way to demonstrate the need for context: Imagine you are presented with a revenue trend chart. The trend is going up over time – can you assume you are on the right track? Not necessarily. If you can’t also see the trend of the expenses, it is impossible to tell if the revenue is increasing in a profitable way as your expenses may be growing faster. In Dundas BI, even non-technical users can add context to ensure proper data understanding.

Word Clouds   

A Word Cloud or Tag Cloud is a visual representation of text data in the form of tags, which are typically single words whose importance is visualized by way of their size and color. As unstructured data in the form of text continues to see unprecedented growth, especially within the field of social media, there is an ever-increasing need to analyze the massive amounts of text generated from these systems. A Word Cloud is an excellent option to help visually interpret text and is useful in quickly gaining insight into the most prominent items in a given text, by visualizing the word frequency in the text as a weighted list. 

Dundas BI 5

For 2018 we're excited about all we have planned ... including the launch of Dundas BI 5

Coming soon in Dundas BI 5:

Advanced Predictive Analytics with forecasting, clustering and Python

Tree and Chord Diagrams for visual data relationships

Heat Maps and other data mapping enhancements

New Homepage for faster and easier navigation around data content

Easier and Faster Data Preparation with greater data visibility

New Advanced Visual Interactions for intuitive point and click analysis 

and much more...

Watch for updates on Dundas BI 5 and your invite to our What's New in Dundas BI 5 webinar early in the New Year. 

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting an Embedded Analytics Product 

Presented by Wayne Eckerson, Founder & Principal Consultant of the Eckerson Group and Ash Nagayaindran, Dundas Sr. Solutions Architect. This webinar was recorded and is now available for viewing:

The discussion includes embedded analytics best practices, key considerations and evaluation criteria when looking for an embedded solution. There's also a live demo of how Dundas BI enables superior embedded analytics solutions. 
Read some great customer success stories on embedding Dundas BI:

How Absorb Software Embedded Dundas BI to Provide Superior Analytics in a Multi-Tenant Environment

How IT Weapons integrated Dundas BI seamlessly into their application.

BLOG: The Best of 2017

Now that 2017 is coming to an end, we can reflect on all the excitement from this past year including Dundas celebrating it's 25th Anniversary in the data visualization and BI space!

While there’s too much to fit into one blog, we’ve compiled our favorite blogs, webinars and most valuable resources from 2017 that we think are well worth the read. Some highlights include:

Blog: 25 Visualizations for 25 Years

Blog: Business Intelligence - Why do I Need That?

Webinar: 4 Great Dashboard Designs & Why They Work So Well 

Read the entire Best of 2017 blog and see what you may have missed.

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