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Published: December 31 2018

Inside Dundas BI - December 2018 Issue

Inside Dundas BI

December 2018 Issue

What a year! Dundas BI wowed people everywhere and was named the #1 Business Intelligence Platform - Rated by Real Users. We’re so proud of this accomplishment, and are honored to have been recognized by our customers for having exceptional hands-on personalized service. All of us here really do believe we are in it together with our customers. In 2018, we added lots of great new features to an already awesome product and have a ton of fresh assets in our Resource Library to help our users maximize their experience with Dundas BI. In our latest blog, The Best Business Intelligence Resources of 2018, we highlight some of the best content we created this past year, from webinars to blogs. Our Innovation Never Rests series kicked off last month where we focused on one of the latest additions to Dundas BI - Ragged Hierarchies. In this issue we focus on another great new feature - Small Multiples. And if you're looking for some inspiration on how others use BI to their advantage, take a look at our new case study - How Viamedia Transformed Their Way of Managing a Distributed Sales Team. Enjoy.

Happy Holidays from All of Us Here at Dundas

NEW SERIES: Innovation Never Rests

Welcome to our new series where we cover our latest features in the software.

Small Multiples

In our second edition of Innovation Never Rests, we dive deeper into one of the new ways Dundas BI empowers you to better visualize and analyze your data using unique and dynamic data visualizations, and – more specifically – how it enables you to uncover patterns in complex data by using Small Multiples.



How to Build Your Custom UI Using the Dundas BI APIs

Most BI requirements are similar across enterprises in regards to connecting to the data, preparing it, analyzing and visualizing it. Dundas BI offers the ability to satisfy these requirements out-of-the-box. In most cases, the built-in user interface (UI) is sufficient enough to cater to these requirements, however, there may be specific instances where users could benefit from their own tailored UI to meet their own specific needs. One great aspect of Dundas BI’s user interface flexibility is its full exposure to the underlying APIs that enable customization of any aspect of the application.


How Viamedia Transformed Their Way of Managing a Distributed Sales Team

Viamedia implemented a Business Intelligence application that has allowed them to better manage their distributed Sales team, and truly focus on achieving their goals. As a result, they’ve been able to collaborate and coach more effectively, have deeper insight into their data and what’s affecting performance, and are making data-driven decisions that have a measurable impact on the business.

Thank you to all of our fantastic community members who’ve contributed to our User Forums in The Cube – Dundas’ VIP Program. You really are a helpful bunch and we're so thankful for your assistance in growing our resource center!

These User Forums were designed to be a place where our customers can learn new concepts, share ideas, enhance their knowledge of Dundas BI and engage with a vibrant community of like-minded Dundas VIPs. And thanks to all of your contributions, it is that and more!

We appreciate everything our customers do for us in The Cube – from reviews, to allowing us the ability to share their stories, to helping others in the forums.

We couldn’t do it without YOU.
Have a Wonderfully Happy Holiday!


The Best Business Intelligence Resources of 2018

As we hurtle towards the New Year, it’s only right we reflect on a whirlwind 2018; one where we filled our resource library with some great content that captivated even the most circumspect of readers (it’s true – no bias here!). As the days have gotten shorter and the nights longer, we’ve had some time to think of our (and your) favorite videos, blogs, eBooks, and content from the past year, and have brought them together in one place.

We wanted to highlight and bring to your attention some of the best business intelligence resources we created in 2018. Trust us when we say, this is content you do not want to miss.

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