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The 2019 Dundas BI Product Scorecard is a comprehensive report designed to help people make better purchasing decisions. Data in the report is collected from real end users of the product and analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics.

Dundas BI was evaluated against 14 other business intelligence software vendors and was ranked #1 overall by users for service and product experience.

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# 1 for Vendor Capabilities including:

  • #1 for Vendor Support
  • #1 for Business Value
  • #1 for Ease of Customization
  • #1 for Breadth of Features

#1 for Product Feature Satisfaction including:

  • #1 for Personalized Executive Dashboards
  • #1 for Operational Reporting
  • #1 for BI Platform Administration

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Dashboards displayed on mobile devices

Users Love Dundas BI

#1 in 14/25 categories

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