Profunda Analytics is on a mission to provide business analytics solutions that are as powerful in the hands of the average user, as they are in the hands of a data analyst.

This Ottawa, Canada based company is a small start-up that was founded by two BI veterans (Wayne Williams and Samantha Morris) who have extensive backgrounds in data processing, data quality, and advanced analytics. Their interests extend far beyond their main industry experiences (healthcare and manufacturing), with both possessing innate fascination in advanced interfaces, particularly those that involve voice-control and virtual reality.

Their flagship product, Profunda, has leveraged the extensible Dundas BI platform to create a voice-driven analytics system. A system that empowers anyone to interact with BI systems in the way that their human mind works. This system deals with treatment efficacy, causal relationships, behavioral analytics, text mining and more, while simultaneously focusing on self-service analytics and its streams that include training, architectural design and online support.

End users can ask Profunda questions verbally (or type them), and the system draws the answers in charts, tables, etc., or performs comparisons, simulations, predictions, etc., on the user’s behalf. Whether you require operational analytics with write-backs to transaction systems, behavioral analytics, causal relationships, or text mining, Profunda Analytics uses Dundas BI to put actionable insights directly into your hands (or voice).

Dundas BI customer, Wayne Williams

"Finally, we have the ability to weave advanced analytics into everyday interfaces, to make them a routine part of our daily tasks"

Wayne Williams


Profunda Analytics

Dundas BI customer, Samantha Morris

"Our goal for Profunda is for it to be as effective in the hands of an executive, as it is in an analyst. The visualizations presented must be appropriate to the data, and we gain this power thanks to our Dundas BI development platform"

Samantha Morris


Profunda Analytics

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