The Visual Analytics Group within Siemens is tasked with end-to-end reporting solutions and consulting for all of Siemens’ internal BI needs. They are the BI experts within the organization.

Their Challenge

Providing actionable reporting solutions to the entire Siemens organization across different departments and lines of business, all while maintaining a balance between governance and self-service capabilities.

Their Needs

Siemens needed one framework that could be used for their multiple use cases at scale, such as customer satisfaction surveys, logistics processes, financial reporting and more.

They needed to provide users with the self-service capabilities they needed to easily access approved data for analysis and decision-making, all while maintaining their users’ focus on the metrics that matter the most and ease of use. Add to that the need for it to easily integrate into existing Siemens systems for a seamless user experience.

Our Dashboards are Powerful and Customizable

Their Solution

Siemens wanted to give users, across these various divisions spread across multiple regions, the tools they needed to improve performance and make the data discovery transparent so they could identify any issues within the business sooner.

They had to ensure a balance between Siemens high governance and security requirements and the needs for users to have self-service capabilities – all without reinventing the wheel.

They started by looking for the best fit BI software in the market and zeroed in on Dundas BI. Dundas BI stood out due to the incredibly seamless integration capabilities it offered along with a set of capabilities that offered the ability to deploy a dedicated solution for many different users.

Why Siemens Chose Dundas BI

Feature Completeness
Open API
Great Performance (In-Memory Capabilities)
Fast Turnaround
From connectivity to data prep, custom visuals, analysis and collaboration
Crucial for integration
Analyzing data instantly
Very quick transition from idea to finished dashboard
Shallow learning curve for end users

Key Benefits

Siemens was able to create an internal managed BI application based on Dundas BI that is currently being used by thousands of people world-wide and includes 35 different projects. The full BI stack is available to the entire organization allowing for seamless data integration, fast and easy-to-use reporting for all levels and enhanced collaboration. They even offer mobile accessibility allowing users to interact with and view their data from any device.

In addition, Siemens Visual Analytics Group extended the solution using Dundas BI open APIs, creating custom solutions for unique exports to PowerPoint and custom mobile applications for consumption on tablets. The integration of Dundas BI into Siemens’ applications allowed the Visual Analytics Group to give users the flexibility to work with highly interactive dashboards for their end user analysis, and the confidence in knowing they were doing so on approved data. More users are able to benefit from BI and all of the data they have access to.

They also were able to easily control usage and adoption and ensure the high standards of governance and security within Siemens were adhered to. Siemens has been able to make their reporting accessible to a larger community of users and has realized improved performance with root cause analysis starting at the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) level down to the lowest granularity such as line items. They have been able to identify issues sooner and have seen significant cost savings overall. For example, for Siemens’ Global Logistics organization, the dashboards helped to answer questions such as why supply rates are different per region and how those patterns affect the operations, helping to reduce cycle time by 12% and scrap cost by 25%.

Christoph Malassa of Siemens

"Dundas BI helps the organization to quickly gather actionable insight while empowering the admin users to tightly integrate it into the existing infrastructure – both visually and through data connectors"

Christoph Malassa

Visual Analytics Group Team Lead


Final Statements

Now every user with access to the BI system within Siemens is able to view and interact with the data and metrics they specifically need for better visibility into what’s happening in their area of the business.

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