Build vs. Buy: How SAVYVA Created Their Brand New Analytics Application by Customizing Dundas BI

Debating between building or buying analytical capabilities for your application? Want to see examples of the benefits provided by using an advanced visualization, yet fully customizable, platform as the foundation for your data application? Join SAVYVA, a Dundas partner and creator of CROSSVIEW, a brand new business intelligent transfer pricing application, as they walk you through how they customized Dundas BI to deliver the analytical capabilities of CROSSVIEW.

Having the business domain expertise and the need to create a new solution to better manager old processes, SAVYVA had the choice between starting from scratch or building a unique solution on top of a strong foundation. In this webinar, SAVYVA will demonstrate the value of advanced visualizations and system integrations designed to provide the complete management of complex business processes in a single application.

You can expect to see examples for:

  • The creation of a completely custom user navigation to better manage transfer pricing business processes
  • Use cases for advanced visuals such as Sankey Diagram and Relationship diagrams when trying to get better insights
  • Advanced integrations into Dundas BI, enabling sophisticated text narrative reports creation to satisfy advanced documentation and regulatory requirements

PRESENTER: Thomas Tucha, Managing Director of SAVYVA