How Center6 Empowers their Customers with White Labeled Dundas BI Analytics

Dundas BI Customer and Partner, Center6, delivers smart data analysis technology to homebuilders across North America with Dundas BI.

Since 2009, Center6 has helped North America’s fastest growing builders make smarter, more informed decisions via the informXL product suite. To battle today’s complex business challenges through visual analytics, dashboards, and mobile reporting, Center6 needed to enhance their technology infrastructure.

Blayne Parrish and Kris Brady of Center6 share how they leveraged Dundas BI in their data environment to augment their customers’ ability to access key insights.

Center6 will cover their approach for:

  • Designing Dashboards and reports for their customers
  • Integrating Dundas BI and white labeling the overall solution
  • Partnering with Dundas


Blayne Parrish and Kris Brady of Center6

"We were looking at a number of technology options to take our product suite informXL to the next level including Tableau and other visualization tools. Dundas stood out from the rest of the pack thanks to platform extensive capabilities but also thanks to their committed approach to our success."

Blayne Parrish, Founder of Center6