Using dockable windows


1. Overview

A set of tabbed windows (or panels) are docked along the bottom and right sides of most editor screens.

2. Expand and collapse

There is often one window expanded by default, such as the Explore window, while the others are collapsed.

When the windows are collapsed, click any of the tabs to make it the active one and expand it.

Windows docked along the bottom of the screen
Windows docked along the bottom of the screen

To collapse the windows again, just click the active tab once more.

Expanded window
Expanded window

3. Resize a window

Resize an expanded window by hovering over its inside edge and dragging the resize bar that appears.

Resize a window
Resize a window

4. Minimize

Each window can be independently minimized and removed from its docked side.

To do this, click the Minimize icon of a tab (regardless of whether it is active or not).

Click Minimize icon
Click Minimize icon

Windows may minimize themselves automatically if you switch to a small screen such as a mobile device, or resize your browser window.

To restore a minimized window, go to the status bar and click its icon to the left of the name of the file you're working on.

Restore minimized window
Restore minimized window

5. Change the docked location

Reposition a docked window by dragging its tab from one side and docking it to another side.

For example, drag the Properties window and dock it to the bottom instead of the right side.

Reposition a docked window
Reposition a docked window

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