Analyze Data

Custom measure sorting allows you to sort a specific hierarchy or level in your metric set by a measure (numeric values) and set the opposite axis member from a dropdown.

This article shows you how to set up more customized sorting for a hierarchy and its levels for your metric set from the Data Analysis Panel, including optional top & bottom members.

You can apply formulas to data by writing small expressions like in a spreadsheet program. This article describes different types of formulas and how to apply them.

This article lists the functions that are available for use in expressions entered into the formula bar.

Formula visualizations allow you to use data from one or more visualizations to produce a new metric set in a new visualization.

This walkthrough shows you how to create metric sets, add them to a dashboard, and connect filters.

This article shows you how to exclude select data points from the visualization without introducing filters or parameters.

This article demonstrates in more detail how to customize the setup of a hierarchy's levels.

This article shows you how to set or reset the default time dimension for a project.

This article explains the advanced section of the metric set's settings.

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