Hide a column


1. Overview

This article shows the various ways you can hide a column in a table visualization.

2. Using properties

You can show or hide a table column by using its Visible property. You cannot hide a row header column using this method.

Hiding a column only in the visualization properties does not remove or hide the data from the metric set, so viewers can see a hidden column using the Show Columns right-click option and the data can also be exported.

A table with two columns
A table with two columns

In Properties, on the Main tab and under Columns, click the column that you want to hide and uncheck the Visible property.

Visible property
Visible property

The table column is now hidden. 

Column is hidden
Column is hidden

To make it visible again, click the column in Properties and select the Visible property.

3. Using the Data Analysis Panel

You can remove a column from a table visualization using the following method, but you can still use that column in filtering, state rules, etc.

On the Data Analysis Panel, click Visualization.

Edit Visualization
Edit Visualization

Under Column, click the X icon for the column(s) you want to remove.

Remove the columns
Remove the columns

You can also remove a column from Properties by clicking the Main tab and then clicking the delete icon next to the column that you want to remove.

Remove columns from Properties
Remove columns from Properties

3.1. Hiding a measure

When you want to use a measure for a formula, sorting, or other metric set features but it must be hidden in the visualization and after export, then you can hide the measure itself, rather than just hiding the table column. Access the measure options by clicking its green tile or the edit icon in the Data Analysis Panel and select the Hidden box to prevent the measure's values from being visible.

4. Show and hide columns when viewing

Viewers can select which columns to view by right-clicking the table visualization when viewing and selecting the Show Columns option.

Select columns to show/hide
Select columns to show/hide

4.1. Using scripting

If you need to use script rather than the built-in context menu option, you can set the isVisible property:

// To hide 1st column
table1.control.columns[0].isVisible = false;

// To show 1st column 
table1.control.columns[0].isVisible = true;

 To remove a table column entirely, call removeColumnByIndex:


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