Exploring The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Business Intelligence

If you're looking to take your first step into the world of business intelligence (BI), you're probably interested in knowing what it costs.

Join us as we create a checklist to ensure that you consider all of the possible expenses for an enterprise BI project. Once you understand the various aspects of the journey, you can ask better questions to understand your total cost of ownership. 

The biggest takeaway is that when it comes to business intelligence, there's much more to 'cost' than licenses. Don't be fooled by the '$6.99 per month per user' statements vendors love to make.


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About the Author

Jeff Hainsworth

Jeff Hainsworth is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dundas Data Visualization with over a decade and a half of experience in Business Intelligence. He has a passion for building, coding and everything visual – you know, shiny things! Check out "Off the Charts... with Jeff", his platform for great content on all things analytics, data visualizations, dashboards, and business intelligence. There’s something for everyone!