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Everything we do is driven by our passion for creating innovative software that helps you better understand your data and solve real business problems. Our analytics platform, Dundas BI, is an enterprise-level business intelligence, data analytics and dashboard software that empowers everyone to visualize and analyze any data to make real-time, data-driven decisions that produce results.

With Dundas, you’re never alone. We’re 100% driven by your success and deliver an experience that is highly personalized – from the product you get, right through to how we support it.

Gold Medallist

Dundas BI is a fabulous tool for getting data into the hands of people who need it, in a manner that helps them make decisions and see trends.

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The Ultimate User Experience

Empowers any user by auto-adapting the user experience to the user’s skills

Whether you are a consumer, an analyst, or an advanced developer, Dundas BI automatically adapts to your needs and allows you to personalize it unlike anything else. As an administrator, you have ultimate control over your entire BI process so you can easily customize it to the unique needs of your team or organization at scale. You’re only limited by your imagination. With Dundas BI, data can be analyzed right from the source, is faster to share, and can be easily understood by all users.


Limitless Customization

The perfect data delivery for faster decision-making

True BI success isn’t achieved by simply providing generic, cookie-cutter tools. The reality is, effective BI requires a shared vision and collaboration between business and technical users. It’s about more than just analysts exploring your data – it's about all business people being empowered to act on it. That is why we’re focused on perfecting how you interact with and visualize your data and are proud to be ranked first for Visual Design Standards by the world's largest BI survey.


#1 Vendor Support

We ensure you’ll take full advantage of our technology to truly gain a fantastic ROI

Our flexible platform, with its distinct user-adaptive experience, and stunning design tools, are just two of the three pillars that make Dundas so unique. The third is our unsurpassed enthusiasm towards your success. For us, client enablement is woven into the business and cultural fabric of our company. What truly completes the Dundas difference, is the extent to which we deliver immediate benefits to you. From the moment you contact us, we make it our mission to understand your project, and ensure you’re well equipped to achieve a lasting competitive advantage.

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The only limit in Dundas BI is the limit you place on yourself. There really isn’t anything that can’t be created in this awesome software visualization package.

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Combine the Best of both 'IT-Led' and 'Business Self-Service'

The depth of our capabilities is a clear advantage over other vendors whose products are restrictive and one-dimensional.
This allows us to offer the agility you require to move fast while eliminating any roadblocks standing in your way.

Dundas BI combines the best of both IT-Led and Business Self-Service

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