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Give your customers an extraordinary analytics experience

Your customers demand the most from your application. Get data into their hands, increase product adoption, maximize your product’s value, and grow your business with personalized, embedded analytics.

Awesome applications deserve awesome analytics. Bring your reporting and analytics vision to life by embedding top-of-the-line analytics to enrich your existing on-premises or SaaS offerings, or by building entirely new data applications from scratch. Dundas BI has you covered with the tools you need to quickly generate new revenue opportunities, reduce costs and wow your customers with self-service analytics.

*Embedded analytics solution built using Dundas BI

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Seize the Opportunity

Seize the opportunity. Monetize your data to maximize revenue

The more you enrich your application with desirable features, the more desirable it becomes to a wider audience. By embedding custom, white-labeled data analytics into your product, or by building new, standalone data products that can be deployed on-premises or hosted and sold in a SaaS model, you’re opening the door to endless new revenue streams.

Capitalize on your customers’ ever-growing interest in data. Designed for white-labeled and embedded analytics scenarios, Dundas BI allows you to diversify and enhance your application with advanced data prep, interactive dashboards, reporting and visual data analytics to improve customer satisfaction, close more deals, expand and forge deeper relationships, and make more money.

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Designed from the ground up to fit your needs

Let your developers dream BIG! Dundas BI is a highly flexible, open, fully programmable data analytics platform, and is easy to customize and perfect for embedding. The rich capabilities give you everything you need to create polished and custom embedded data analytics solutions that look and feel exactly like your current application.

The platform was built with software vendors and developers in mind, meaning you’re able to build, extend and embed white-label analytics directly into your software to deliver game-changing analytics experiences. From cutting-edge interactive visuals to self-service ad-hoc reporting, Dundas BI has everything your customers are asking for.

Designed from the Ground Up
Increase your bottom line

Low total cost of ownership. Massive return on investment

With Dundas BI, you’re empowered to sell your custom analytics application to hundreds of thousands of customers – without incurring high maintenance fees. With multi-tenancy at the heart and soul of our unique software vendor licensing model, you’re able to cost-effectively scale your operations and maximize resources while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

Meet your vision, get to market quickly, and reap the benefits.

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customer satisfaction rating for customization

“I like versatility. I like flexibility. Basically anything can be done, either with out-of-the-box functions or through the extensive scripting library”

Edward K.

Excerpted from a review of Dundas BI on G2


We’ve got your back

We’re here every step of the way, making sure your application delivers a standout analytics experience. Put the power of our experts behind your investment to reach your analytics project and organizational goals faster.

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Let us show you how Dundas BI can help your business. Enjoy an open-ended and interactive discussion tailored to your needs, led by a highly skilled business intelligence expert. It’s our engaging, personal approach to understanding and solving your problem that sets us apart. Don’t take it from us - see for yourself why Dundas is a market leader.

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