Remote Work

Dundas Rewind! The Best BI & Data Analytics Content of 2020

With 2020 squarely in the rearview mirror, let's rewind and examine the best business intelligence and data analytics content of the last 12 months

The Dashboard Every Sales Manager Needs to Drive Revenue and Maximize Performance

Give Sales managers a dashboard that empowers them to drill into and diagnose performance issues based on the numerous activities that lead to opportunity creation their Sales teams partake in and allow them to discover new ways to grow future revenues.

How to Monitor Individual Sales Performance with Real-Time Dashboards

The best way to build and facilitate a Sales culture – one that rewards hard work and recognizes tangible successes – is by visualizing the status of all Sales activities using real-time dashboards.

How Business Intelligence Simplifies Remote Work and Maximizes Performance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the move to a full 'work from home' environment is a reality for many. Learn how data analytics can help both workers and managers operate remotely without a hitch.

How Business Intelligence Enhances the Remote Work Experience

Real users of Dundas BI offer their personal opinions on how business intelligence has enhanced their remote work experience for themselves and their teams.

How To Track Performance And Monitor Distributed Workforces With Business Intelligence

Tracking employee performance and monitoring an increasingly distributed workforce is a top concern of many businesses today. Use BI to boost ROI, maximize performance, and enjoy sustained success.

How Remote Workers Can Thrive In Turbulent Times With Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can simplify the jobs of remote workers by fostering collaboration, accelerating decision making, and enhancing data visibility, ultimately leading to increased ROI.