White Label

Why You Need Pixel Perfect Dashboards

Suppose you are looking for flexible BI that offers you the most potential with your Reports and Dashboards. In that case, you need the ability to build pixel-perfect content.

Technical Considerations when Choosing an Embedded Analytics Platform

Let's talk about embedded dashboards. People often come to us with an application and want to add reports and dashboards to that application by embedding Dundas BI directly within it.

Exporting: Embedded For A Better User Experience

This video shows how you can embed your export capability onto the end-user content for a much better user experience.

6 Must-Have Functionality In Your Business Intelligence Software

In order to solve real business problems, you need a business intelligence software that provides exceptional data exploration capabilities.

Up Your Dashboard Game with Templates

Most people think that templates only exist to provide a common starting point from which to design dashboards, often with a focus on colors and images.

Enhance Your BI User Experience Using Custom Menu Navigation Controls

Learn why you should build a custom navigation experience in your business intelligence solution and how the new Menu Control in Dundas BI will help increase user adoption.

4 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to your Dashboards in Dundas BI

'Tis the season to be jolly! I'll be unwrapping four unique ways in which you can add some holiday cheer and festive flair to your dashboards in Dundas BI.

3 Examples of Data Analytics Making Enterprises Smarter & More Successful

Let’s take a closer look at three forward-thinking enterprises who’ve leveraged analytics to create unique data solutions that lift their businesses and bottom lines.

Create a Consistent Experience with White Labeling

Let's dive into why white labeling is so important in business intelligence and take a look at some examples of what this may look like with Dundas BI.

The Top 4 Competitive Advantages of Embedded Analytics

From increased user value to increased revenue, these are the top four competitive advantages of embedded analytics.

9 Key Criteria for Choosing an Embedded Analytics Application

Do you have your own web-based application and are looking to add business intelligence (BI) capabilities to it? If so, there are a lot of technical points you need to keep in mind.

Go Beyond Simple Customization

Let's take a look at some advanced customization, and how you can take your dashboards even further.

3 Software Vendors Who Crushed It With Embedded Analytics

Awesome applications need awesome embedded analytics. Let's take a look at 3 data-savvy companies who've embedded Dundas BI and transformed their applications with polished, custom analytics.

6 Key Capabilities an Embeddable Analytics Software Should Deliver

Differentiate your applications with beautiful analytics and better serve your customers.