3 Examples of Data Analytics Making Enterprises Smarter & More Successful


The ‘Smart’ Enterprise

In January of 2013, American investor, Joe Lonsdale, coined the term Smart Enterprise and declared it one of the 6 biggest trends of the last century. In his whitepaper, The Smart Enterprise Wave, he claimed that this trend would:

“… disrupt every major sector of the global economy and dramatically improve productivity within those sectors, because it disrupts non-linear decision-making processes that are central to how major industries conduct business and create value”.

He wasn’t wrong. Fast forward nearly 7 years, and the immense growth of digital information has bordered on astronomical. In the last year alone, we produced upwards of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day (which, by the way, just so happened to be 90% of ALL the data in the world). In other words, there are no signs of slowing down!

As the volume of data grew (and continues to grow today), as did its complexity, and the technology that once leveraged said data became obsolete suddenly compelling enterprises to require newer, more sophisticated technologies. The stage was set for the smart enterprise - an organization that empowers everyone to use data more effectively – to emerge.

Smart enterprises are better positioned to capitalize on this never-ending treasure trove of data than their less-smart predecessors. By delivering data insights to the masses and equipping people with the tools they need to make fact-based, data-driven decisions, these enterprises thrive and become infinitely more productive, competitive, and efficient.

They do so, by taking advantage of powerful enterprise data analytics platforms.


The Role Analytics Plays

No longer are enterprises restricted in regard to which departments – or even individuals – should have access to business intelligence and analytics. Modern enterprise data analytics platforms make it possible for users of varying technical skill-levels to tap into, analyze, and visually interact with pertinent data – data they specifically are granted access to. Enterprises can now journey beyond the confines of traditional, pre-defined/canned reports, to analyze data in real-time and create stunning insights from disparate data sources without relying on IT.

But how exactly can enterprises leverage data analytics tools to become smarter? In what specific scenarios will analytics deliver a truly exceptional return on investment (ROI)? Let’s take a closer look at three forward-thinking enterprises who’ve leveraged Dundas’ business intelligence and analytics platform – Dundas BI – to create unique data solutions that lift their businesses and bottom lines.


Use Case #1 – BH Management Services, LLC

Real Estate & Property Management

The Problem

BH Management Services, LLC (BH) is one of the ten largest multi-family property management firms in the United States. As such, they maintained an abundance of disparate data (across four separate divisions) that needed to be aggregated and reported on. Complicating matters further, was the fact that BH wanted to provide dashboards and reports to both their 2200+ employees AND their clients.

The Solution

Internally – BH designed, white-labeled, and embedded a business intelligence solution using Dundas BI – which they, in turn, presented internally as BH Fusion – that looked and felt like an entirely separate application. With this solution, BH was able to craft a custom navigation experience – similar to tab-based navigation their users were familiar with, such as Excel – that empowered their users to easily navigate dashboards from one, central portal. This was a catalyst for making data accessible to a high volume of internal users.

Externally – With BH Fusion, BH was able to achieve complete transparency with their data, helping them close innumerable multi-million-dollar deals. By including BH Fusion in their external sales pitches, they’ve blown investors (often those focused on the acquisition and management of multifamily properties) away with the visibility into and sheer quantity of data they have access to.

“We give our investors insight into what’s happening with their properties yesterday, what is happening with them today, and what’s going to happen tomorrow

Mike Stephenson, Director of Business Intelligence, BH Management Services, LLC

The Outcome

Since implementing Dundas BI, the benefits experienced by BH have been plentiful. The most notable to date are a colossal 71% increase in apartment unit growth, insight into how to best allocate marketing dollars, and the ability to better target high-quality investors.

Learn more about BH Management’s use case, here >


Use Case #2 - Viamedia

Marketing & Advertising

The Problem

Viamedia, an ad management enterprise, operates in over 70 markets across 35 states and services its entire operation from its corporate headquarters in Kentucky. Consequently, it was difficult for their sales managers to correctly identify market performance, and even more difficult to obtain real, accurate data and effectively manage their teams via standardized guidelines.

The Solution

With Dundas BI’s assistance, Viamedia was able to consolidate expansive amounts of data from unconnected data sources, and develop a single, cohesive analytics solution that displays actionable information and empowers their users to dig deeper into their data and find the answers to questions of progressively deepening granularities.

“We live in a data-driven era. And thanks to Dundas BI, our team was able to develop the tools we needed to evaluate our business based upon data trends. The data intelligence we now have on hand thanks to Dundas BI is unparalleled to anything we’ve had before. Not only are we able to look at our business by segments, by verticals, by time periods, by advertisers, by revenue streams… we are able to fully customize the dashboard based upon OUR business needs. Our intel is available at the Company, Division, Market and Individual Contributor levels. This evolution has provided a priceless opportunity to fine-tune our sales strategy and provides a solid development/coaching platform”

David Solomon, Chief Revenue Officer, Viamedia

The Outcome

Dundas BI completely and utterly transformed the way Viamedia managed its distributed sales team. Now, management has unbridled insight into the status of the organization, is able to conduct more meaningful performance reviews, and has even identified precisely which revenue streams are most successful, leading to better marketing and operational campaign efforts.

Learn more about Viamedia’s use case, here >


Use Case #3 – Yulista, LLC

Aviation & Aerospace

The Problem

Yulista is an industry leader in providing a wide range of rapid response support to the US Department of Defense, various Government agencies, and foreign customers. Yulista relied heavily on Excel for the vast majority of their reporting needs, and that – when taking into account the sheer volume of data across their family of nine companies – was simply no longer feasible. The report creation process was far too manual and time-consuming.

The Solution

The stage was set. With data scattered across the enterprise and no easy way for them to unearth the insights they needed, Yulista had no choice but to modernize their reporting structure and move beyond the confines of Excel. Since implementing Dundas BI, Yulista’s been able to create a smarter enterprise by consolidating its data and delivering personal reporting and analytics experiences to all users.

“Dundas BI offers an extremely versatile and scalable platform with customization and centralization of data across all of our subsidiaries”

Ronald Husa, Director of Quality, Yulista Holding, LLC

The Outcome

From a reduction in labor to winning additional contracts, Dundas BI has directly contributed to Yulista’s success. They have slashed report creation times for budgets from two weeks to two hours, have a superb understanding of where money is being spent allowing them to better justify financial decisions, and are able to share more meaningful insights pertaining to their employees (such as average salaries, turnover analysis, and more).

Learn more about Yulista’s use case, here >



Now more than ever, enterprises are clamoring for access and insight into their data. The allure and potential to harness and transform something so raw into something actionable and informative is too great to ignore. This is why more and more enterprises are taking advantage of powerful enterprise analytics tools: to tip the scales in their favor and ensure everyone is able to make more meaningful decisions.

The above are examples of how three vastly different enterprises use Dundas BI to become smarter and gain clarity from their data. We’ve barely scratched the surface as to what Dundas BI could do for you. If you’re an enterprise looking for a completely customizable BI and data analytics platform, to deliver data insights to the masses, I invite you to explore our platform today.