Profunda Analytics + Dundas BI


How the Experts in Voice-Controlled Analytics Partnered with Dundas to Empower Users to Freely Navigate Their Data Without Constraints


Profunda Analytics builds voice-controlled business intelligence systems that offer users unparalleled freedom to explore and analyze their data, completely free of the hierarchical constraints imposed by most BI systems. This Knoxville, Tennessee based company is a small start-up that was founded by a BI veteran (CTO Wayne Williams) and a healthcare executive (CEO Alex Stockdale), both who possess a passion for improving healthcare through in-depth analysis of healthcare data.


Their Needs

It had become abundantly clear to Profunda Analytics that healthcare workers were negatively impacted by the data exploration confines imposed upon them by current systems available in the BI and analytics market. There seemed to be a divide between dashboards – which performed admirably in regard to basic reporting and drill-downs – and data scientists – who worked diligently to unearth deeper patterns and insights within data – and a dire need to synergize the two.

Profunda Analytics identified a need for users to have access to an interface that would allow them to freely interact with their data, to verify and ask questions of it, and to pursue their own lines of inquiry in a way that is both fluid and unencumbered. Profunda Analytics believed this to be the only way to make information trustworthy and useful; key points often overlooked in the technical rush toward AI and machine learning.


Their Solution

Profunda Analytics sought to remedy to this gap, and their flagship product, Profunda Voice, delivers on this promise. It leverages the extensible Dundas BI platform to create a powerful interface with three unique qualities:

  1. Black box, independent dashboards that act more like tools, such as Pivot Analysis, Change Analysis, Trend Analysis, Comparison Tools, etc.
  2. The ability to freely navigate between these tools in any sequence/combination the user wants, carrying their data along with them and refining it as they go.
  3. The ability to use voice to navigate and control all this; this is a necessity more than a convenience, because only voice control supports complete freedom of navigation without overwhelming users with screen controls. And fret not, the system also supports convenient keyboard shortcuts for those who often find themselves in noisy environments.


One way or another, we are headed towards these types of flexible, voice-controlled BI interfaces. Users need information to make decisions. They’re not going to blindly surrender those decisions to computer algorithms without being an active, integral part of the decision-making process. Profunda Voice helps satisfy that requirement” – Wayne Williams, CTO, Profunda Analytics



Profunda offers its powerful voice interface to end users, and under a white-label licensing arrangement to other software companies.

“Thanks to our work together [with Profunda Analytics], we’ve been able to offer Statera’s clients cutting-edge voice-control technology and a solid business intelligence solution…” – Brock Lacy, Director of Client Services, Project First

“This has been an unqualified success. We’ve always had standard reports, but when we wanted to answer more nuanced questions of our data, we had to spend days building customer spreadsheets. Even then, asking follow-up questions was equally burdensome. Now we just ask Profunda’s dashboards directly, in our own voice” – Dr. Kirk Haun, Ophthalmic Surgeon & Managing Partner, CCTH


Dive into the world of voice-driven analytics

Wait… there’s more! We co-hosted an exciting webinar with Profunda Analytics, where they demonstrated how their system allows you to ask questions verbally (or type them), and draws your answers in charts, tables, etc., or performs comparisons, simulations, predictions, etc., on your behalf.

Plus, we further expanded upon Profunda’s concept in our blog, Navigating Analytics with Voice, and dug deeper into understanding the power voice has in completely revolutionizing how business intelligence systems are designed, built and used.