No Need to Yell. Voice-Controlled Analytics that Understand You Perfectly

In this exciting webinar, Profunda Analytics, a Dundas Partner, showcases how they leveraged the extensible Dundas BI platform to create a voice-driven analytics system. A system that empowers senior managers to interact with BI systems in the way that their human mind works. Profunda Analytics demonstrates how the system allows you to ask questions verbally (or type them), and draws your answers in charts, tables, etc., or performs comparisons, simulations, predictions, etc., on your behalf.

Whether you require operational analytics with writebacks to transaction systems, behavioral analytics, causal relationships, or text mining, Profunda Analytics uses Dundas BI to put actionable insights directly into your hands (or voice).

During the webinar, Profunda Analytics covers the following:

  • The motivation behind using a voice-controlled system for analytics
  • The key ingredients to build usable voice-controlled Analytics (hint: it needs to solve unreliability of voice that you’ve undoubtedly experienced with your phone, car, television, etc.)
  • A demo of how one can use voice (or natural text typing) to ask questions and how the system can also learn to get better

PRESENTER: Wayne Williams, CTO and Samantha Fulton, CEO of Profunda Analytics