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What's the Deal with Embedded Analytics?

So, what IS the deal with embedded analytics? Well, in this video I'm going to give you a great definition, and I'm also going to let you know why a lot of people are doing it wrong!

New to Dashboards? Stop Doing This

Dashboards are meant to give insights. Don't just treat them like 'pretty reports'.

Dundas Rewind! The Best BI & Data Analytics Content of 2020

With 2020 squarely in the rearview mirror, let's rewind and examine the best business intelligence and data analytics content of the last 12 months

The 5 Analytics Features You Seriously Want In A Business Intelligence Software

Not every business intelligence software is capable of delivering exactly what you need, and if you’re serious about doing what’s best for your data, then you’ll seriously want to ensure these 5 analytics features are present.

Why Business Intelligence Is Critical To Your Business

Business intelligence keeps everyone, and everything, connected in your business. Enterprises are swimming in oceans of data and BI helps them analyze their data, deliver exceptional reporting and analytics experiences, and make critical business decisions

Augmented analytics: Not just for big data, but better data

Augmented analytics will allow users to see connections they didn’t think to look for. Unlike humans, algorithms don’t have biases or preconceived notions. They connect all the dots. And that will open the door to unexpected insights—helping businesses gain a unique competitive advantage.

8 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Intelligence Software Demo

Here are 8 tips for how potential BI buyers can make the most out of their business intelligence software demonstrations.

Why Are Databases Trash Cans? (And Why Do They Make BI So Difficult?)

Finding a perfectly clean database is like finding a unicorn, and sometimes I question if they exist.

The Five V's of Big Data

Big data is the use of extremely large data sets that may be analyzed to reveal trends, patterns, and associations.

Beyond Sticker Price: Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Intelligence

Accurately calculate the total cost of ownership of business intelligence and data analytics. Put an end to blind decision-making based on sticker price.

You Can't Flatten the Curve Without Log Scales

Learn how to 'flatten the curve' using log scales in Dundas BI

How to Choose the Right BI and Data Analytics Solution

Working with the right vendor is important - one that partners with you and offers a customizable, flexible, scalable approach to help you get the most out of its platform.

Tracking COVID-19 Across Canada – See How Analytics Impacts Decision-Making

The team at Dundas has created a real-time, interactive COVID-19 dashboard to help our fellow Canadian businesses and communities better explore the data, stay informed and safe, and take action.

3 Reasons Why Business Intelligence Is Needed Now More Than Ever

The time for business intelligence is now. Close the gap and surpass your competitors, become more efficient, and ensure a positive bottom line, regardless of the current global climate.

Why Business Intelligence Is A Must Have In Today’s Global Environment

When the economy is in a downturn, we need to make sure that we’ve battened down the hatches and become as efficient as we can be. Business Intelligence is the key to keeping your business on track

Three Trends That Will Drive Enterprise Analytics in 2020

Companies are swimming in ever-growing oceans of data and are looking for ways to make better use of it. Here are three trends that will drive enterprise analytics in 2020.

With Natural Language Querying, Business Intelligence Comes Naturally

Natural Language Querying is becoming more and more common in Business Intelligence. But what does Natural Language Querying actually mean and how does Dundas BI approach the topic?

The Business Intelligence and Analytics Content You Loved Most in 2019

I’ve rounded up the best of the best BI and analytics content from 2019 into one, succinct blog. There are some real gems in here you might have missed that we think are worth another look or two.

8 Avoidable Mistakes That Are Killing Your BI Projects

To ensure your Business Intelligence project is a success, I’ve outlined 8 common mistakes businesses make (and how you can avoid them).

KPI vs. KRI - Providing Better Business Intelligence Insight

Understanding how your business operates is vital to achieving sustainable success.  Nothing will help you understand your business better than properly tracking and analyzing your business' data.

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