The Business Intelligence and Analytics Content You Loved Most in 2019

Happy holidays everyone!

Way back in August, we launched our brand new Resource Hub. In the month’s following, we filled that Hub with so much great BI content it’d make your head spin! And rather than asking you to carve out time to scour the Hub – which, by the way, you definitely should do – I’ve rounded up the best of the best into one, succinct blog. There are some real gems in here you might have missed that we think are worth another look or two.

Now, the following list is by no means exhaustive. It is, however, reflective of the type of content we at Dundas strive to deliver. If you’re looking to develop your skills, boost your career and enhance your knowledge of Dundas BI, or are simply interested in the data visualization and analytics world, then you’ll love what we’ve curated.

Please enjoy our modest way of thanking you for reading and enjoying our content and of recognizing the great work our colleagues and peers have made happen. When you’re done, feel free to check out our previous best-of lists: 2018, 2017, 2016

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Best Practices for Performance Optimization of Dashboards in Dundas BI

Performance optimization of dashboards is a hotly discussed topic. Users are often interested in decreasing dashboard load times and learning how to avoid common mistakes that impact dashboard performance. Lucky for you, we’ve created a best practices guide for performance optimization of dashboards in Dundas BI.

Does Everyone Know What a Dashboard Really Is?

Does everyone know what a dashboard really is? Dundas’ R&D Director for Data Visualizations posed this question in hopes of sparking a conversation about a term we think we’re familiar with. The reality is, for a word that’s used so frequently in the business intelligence world, there is no concrete definition. So, what is a dashboard? Our controversial answer may shock you.

Tips and Tricks for Building More Efficient Dashboards in Dundas BI

Congratulations. You’ve built your first few dashboards and management is beaming! Now, the demand to replicate your early success is growing, along with greater expectations and increased requirements. You need to increase output – without compromising on quality – but aren’t sure how. Fret not, here are some tips and tricks for building more efficient dashboards in Dundas BI.

How to Create a Fantasy Football Dashboard in 3 Easy Steps

It’s football season! And what better way to take your friends money than by partaking in some good, old-fashioned fantasy football? This blog will take you through a fun tutorial on creating a fantasy football dashboard – using your fantasy league data – which you can then display for the world to see.


Off the Charts – Tips from an Expert

Back in April, we launched Off the Charts, hosted by Jeff Hainsworth, Senior Solutions Architect at Dundas! With video as our primary medium, we’ve been mustering up great content on all things analytics, data visualizations, dashboards, and business intelligence. Everything you need to navigate the ins and outs of analytics to help you solve real business problems and put yourself squarely on the path to better understanding your data.

Create a Consistent Experience with White Labeling

White labeling is an integral component of business intelligence; especially when discussing embedded analytics use cases. Dundas BI was designed to be embedded and white labeled, so, we want to ensure you create a consistent brand experience with white labeling, to guarantee you’re able to 100% match the branding of any other application you may have. This will work wonders in creating a stellar user experience.

Adding Writeback Capabilities to your Dashboard

Data input and writeback is something fairly unique to Dundas BI and business intelligence tools as a whole. And what really sets Dundas BI apart, is just how easy it is to implement your own custom data input features into a dashboard or report.

The Different Types of Users in Dundas BI

Whether you’re a consumer, an analyst, or an advanced developer, Dundas BI offers something for everyone. It automatically adapts to your needs and allows you to personalize it unlike anything else. Don’t believe us? See for yourself what different types of users in Dundas BI can achieve.


How BH Management Achieved a Colossal 71% Increase in Apartment Unit Growth
Enterprise Case Study – Real Estate & Property Management

BH Management had lofty dreams for what their business intelligence application could become. Dundas BI helped them realize those dreams. Using Dundas BI, BH Management achieved a colossal 71% increase in apartment unit growth. That is not a typo… a 71% increase in apartment unit growth! Mind. Blown.

How Viamedia Transformed Their Way of Managing a Distributed Sales Team
Enterprise Case Study – Marketing & Advertising

Viamedia implemented a BI application that has allowed them to better manage their distributed Sales team and truly focus on the big picture: achieving their goals. As a result, they’ve been able to collaborate and coach more effectively, have deeper insight into their data and what’s effecting performance and are making data-driven decisions that have a measurable impact on the business.

How E-Tabs Created Highly Engaging, Customized Reporting Experiences
Partner Case Study – Market Research

In partnering with Dundas, E-Tabs acquired a powerful business intelligence application capable of creating highly engaging, customized reporting experiences their customers love. Subsequently, they’ve transformed the way market research insights are viewed and have empowered their customers to truly take advantage of their data.


G2 – Free Business Intelligence Software Comparisons

Are you interested in seeing how Dundas BI stacks up against other BI, analytics and data visualization software tools? Rhetorical question… of course you are! You’ll love these side-by-side comparisons from G2 based on ratings from real users. We go head-to-head against Tableau, Sisense, and Microsoft Power BI.

BARC – The BI Survey 19

Each year, over 3000 participants contribute to BARC’s The BI Survey – the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence software users. In the 2019 report, Dundas BI ranked #1 for embedded BI and flexibility, and was a leader in 30+ categories.

SoftwareReviews – Emotional Footprint Report for BI Vendors

Over 130 vendors were evaluated by real users of the software in SoftwareReviews’ Emotional Footprint Report for BI Vendors. Real users were asked about their experience with a software vendor – from procurement, implementation, service and support. The report dives into details on how real users feel about working with various BI vendors on the topics of Product Impact, Service Experience, Strategy and Innovation, and more.

2020 doesn’t just mark the start of a new year; it’s the start of a brand new decade! So stay tuned because we’re turning up the heat on what content you’re about to get served.

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