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If you can dream it, you can build it. Save valuable development and maintenance time and effortlessly meet and exceed the most demanding and imaginative design specifications that are thrown your way by embedding a flexible analytics platform that lets you meet your vision faster.

Use a PowerPoint-like user experience and pixel-perfect dashboard canvas to build responsive and polished, custom embedded data analytics solutions that look and feel identical to your applications. From highly interactive dashboards and reports to advanced data visualizations, create and tailor the output to meet individual customer requirements. No constraints. No limitations. Just your imagination.


* Example of a Dundas BI dashboard being embedded in a website.

** On the left is code and a run button, which will execute the code showing the dashboard being embedded live

Provide superior analytics experiences in a multitenant environment

Provide superior analytics experiences in a multitenant environment

Your customers shouldn’t know about or have access to data from other users using your application. Leverage Dundas BI’s support for multitenant deployment scenarios to effortlessly and securely create and manage tenants, each one completely separate from one another, and present them with a rich suite of reporting options that are custom-built to their specific needs, using their specific data.

Give your customers an interactive and tailored analytics experience all from within the same application. Easily onboard new customers without the overhead of replicating deployments and content, reuse dashboards and reports across all tenants, and manage and segment data, licenses and users all from directly within Dundas BI.

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Hit the ground running (and never look back)

When embedding analytics into your software application, the goal is to create the most irresistible and tantalizing platform your users can’t wait to engage with. You want to leave them with an indelible sense of discovery, awaken their inner explorer and keep them coming back for more. Kickstart your customer’s data exploration with ease, and help them create significant, actionable insights, with the only data analytics platform that delivers a personalized, easy-to-use analytics experience for you and your customers.


Analytics your team will love to build

Customize every single element of Dundas BI to provide a seamless, integrated and unifying data analytics experience. Create data models from disparate data sources, provide Data Analysts access to data in real-time, and customize the platform without constraints so Business Users are empowered to interact with and act on their data.

Design unique analytics experiences without relying on IT. Liberate your developers and internal resources from the workload of creating custom analytics and empower your customers to perform ad-hoc reporting and self-service analysis.

Analytics your team will love to build

Analytics your customers will love to use

Immerse yourself in and embrace data analytics by analyzing data on-the-fly and performing advanced analysis. Blend data from multiple sources and quickly create stunning insights without requiring any help from developers. Dive deeper into your data using a customized, tailored self-service analytics experience, leverage existing metric sets and create new ones, and derive new insights.

Visually interact with, filter, perform drill-downs, and navigate personalized, pre-defined dashboards and reports right out-of-the-box. Customize your data analytics experience to extract more from your data and analyze the metrics most important to you. Explore your data, share findings, get data-driven notifications, and make more accurate and informed decisions across your organization securely.

Infrastructure you can swear by

Fully open APIs and a scripting engine allow your developers to easily build, extend, customize, and embed white-labeled analytics directly into your applications. That much flexibility is met with an equally formidable infrastructure to give you the confidence you need to be able to securely manage and scale your deployments, both vertically and horizontally.

With Dundas BI, you’re able to easily deploy governed data analytics solutions that are centrally managed with built-in secured and re-usable data models, access control, version control, migration management and usage tracking. Restrict and filter which content users are able to access and empower them to focus on analysis most pertinent to their success, from data you know to be 100% error-free.

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Control your data

Control your data, don’t conform to it

Data doesn’t have to be structured. How you store and work with it, should be flexible. You need freedom and space to explore your data, not walls and restrictions. We won’t force you to change your architecture. With Dundas BI, you’re given immense flexibility into which data you can connect and how it can be prepared for analysis. Use built-in ETL capabilities to perform data cleansing or join tables sourced from different databases on-the-fly or connect directly to any data source in real-time.

Warehouse data cubes for improved performance or build in-memory data models for faster results. There are no limitations to how you discover and analyze data in Dundas BI.


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