Trying to understand how different BI and analytics tools compare? As BI and analytics tools continue to promise, and seemingly deliver the “biggest and best” capabilities, this task becomes more and more difficult. To get a good comparison, Gartner recommends running through a “bake off” exercise where the different tools are all put through the same scripted demo using the same dataset. This way you can compare vendors all on the same criteria.

Join Dundas Solution Architect, Vlad Katkov, as he uses the latest “bake off” sample dataset provided by Gartner, to demonstrate 5 ways Dundas BI can help you deliver more than other solutions to achieve higher adoption rates and greater impact on the business.

5 Ways Dundas BI Surpasses the Boundaries of Typical Visual Data Analytics Tools

PRESENTER: Vlad Katkov

You'll learn:

  • Unique techniques to deliver the ultimate user experience
  • How visualization richness can help uncover deeper and greater insights
  • The importance of advanced data prep capabilities
  • How to increase the adoption of your solution with online and offline collaboration tools
  • Capabilities to transform consumers into producers