18 Cool Features of Dundas BI 5 that Data People Love

We’ll focus on new and valuable capabilities in Dundas BI 5 that while small, will make your life considerably easier. These are features that every data person will appreciate and use every day, but just aren’t flashy enough to make into a press release or the launch webinar. But trust us when we say, the impact these features will have on your BI projects is BIG.

Business Intelligence Consultant, Ekaterina Sycheva will swiftly demonstrate how those features can help, from data prep to analysis and visualization.

PRESENTER: Ekaterina Sycheva, Business Intelligence Consultant

Learn About:

  • Data Prep – optimizing your manual queries efficiency
  • Data Visualizations – new tools to render your tables and charts more useful
  • Design and View – minimizing development and maintenance time and creating friendlier UX
  • Administration – simplified security and system health management