No matter what industry or department you work in, almost any BI and Analytics solution requires a similar set of key requirements at the core. Those requirements combine the capabilities of both business users and technical users that are critical to create a successful solution with higher adoption rates and greater impact on the business. As the key requirements and expectations changed dramatically with new modern self-service capabilities, many organizations are still struggling to deliver on all of those requirements at the pace the business requires. Often the failure to deliver is rooted in the fact that too many tools are required to deliver on all capabilities, making the process too complex and time consuming.

Join Dundas Solution Architect, Nikhil Bodapati, as he demonstrates how you can quickly deliver on both key business and technical capabilities in Dundas BI.

You'll learn:

  • Modern Visual Data Analytics platform key capabilities – as defined by Gartner taking only the good from traditional IT led BI systems and data discovery tools
  • Create – starting with data exploration on top of your data and turning it into enterprise level dashboards
  • Interact – How to define a drill downs to details, filters within and across elements on the page and slider filters
  • Prep data – How to blend in other data or further clean and transform your data
  • Govern – How to setup security and ensure the right data gets to the right people
  • Share – How to communicate and share your findings and dashboards


Nikhil Bodapati, Solution Architect