The 2016 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence is based on research and analysis of how top-performing companies are using self-service BI and data visualization tools to generate actionable insights, improve business productivity and drive revenue growth and profitability.

Some of the highlights included in this comprehensive report include:

  • 30,000 foot view of self-service BI
  • Benefits of self-service BI
  • Measuring performance with self-service BI
  • How to maximize value with self-service BI

When it comes to accessing information, generating insights and driving continuous performance improvement, self-service BI can rightly be viewed as a game changer. In fact, 93% of companies in this report confirm that self-service BI enables them to gain faster and better insights.

This 2016 report was created by IT Market Research firm – Starfleet Research.


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