The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics – Keys to Product Selection and Implementation by Eckerson Group

This report by the Eckerson Group is a comprehensive guide to succeeding with embedded analytics. It walks readers through defining an embedded analytics project, selecting an embedded product, and building and sustaining the application. It describes everything from types of embedding to what to look for in a commercial analytics products.

Covered in the report:

  • Build vs. Buy
  • Types of Embedding
  • Product Selection and Implementation
  • Building an Analytics Application
  • Success Factors

This report is the fourth in the Eckerson series on embedded analytics:

1. Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence – An introduction to embedded analytics

2. Which Embedded Analytics Product is Right for You? – An evaluation for embedded approaches and technologies

3. A Guide to Monetizing Data: How to Create Intelligent Applications and Products – How to leverage embedded technology to enhance products and drive revenue

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