Why Does a Community Matter?

Why Does a Community Matter?

To join or not to join (a community) is never the question.

If you carefully look at the history of human civilization, you’ll notice that major breakthroughs occurred from time to time when a group of individuals came together and worked towards a cause they believed in. But why is that? You see, we humans are essentially wired to belong to something. And when this sense of belonging binds us together our individual energies combine to form a force so powerful that it can create impact at scale!

The thing is that it’s practically impossible for anyone to always know everything about everything. That’s because we’re constantly learning, implementing, observing and improvising. Or just that we could be interested in a different aspect of the same topic. What is more interesting is that even when we all follow the same best practices that would have stood the test of time, the way we implement them in our lives can create different outcomes. These experiences and the insights born out of them when curated give rise to a collective intelligence, a community, that becomes a brilliant reference point for those who are seeking. A conducive environment for ideas to come to life. A navigation system for those who are lost. A personification of hope for when faith dwindles.

So, in that sense, it doesn’t matter what you’re seeking. Whether you want to get smarter, want to know about the latest happening in your area of interest, or simply want to be entertained. Whether you’re looking for a workable solution to your problems faster or want to share your excitement about a certain discovery with someone who will get equally excited about it! Whether you wish to share your experience and wisdom about a particular topic you think will make this world a better place, want to provoke thought, or want to bring about a change. JOIN A COMMUNITY of like-minded people and experience a new kind of energy fill your life. And if there ain’t one already, create one! For there is a fantastic chance that you’ll find at least two other people interested in the same thing.

Therefore, to join or not to join (a community) is never the question. The real question is: which?

If you’re someone who is driven by data to make better sense of this world and tell a compelling story that can lead to actions, someone who enjoys collaborating with people who are creative thinkers, geeks even; wanting to push boundaries of business intelligence, analytics and data visualization then I would like to invite you to join The Community, here at Dundas.

For those of you out there in search of your next partner in the business intelligence journey, the user forums in The Community offers 1000+ discussions that will give you interesting insights about our platform and ecosystem.

And if you’re a Dundas customer, we’ll unlock an exclusive section of the community and grant you access to educational, fun, and inspirational activities, exclusive product information, and a gift shop! You’ll also be able to provide feedback and shape the future of Dundas BI. Check out our Dundas Community here! See you inside.

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Tejas Shah is a Computer Science graduate with a major in Data Science and a marketer by trade who is passionate about data-driven storytelling. He authors content that educates and offers a fresh perspective in the world of business intelligence and analytics.